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Diane cut my hair almost a week ago and I am amazed at the results. My curls had been increasingly limp and flat. Diane gave me my first dry haircut and provided some great curl education. She developed a plan for my hair and I was very pleased with the results. My hair has never been curlier. What is truly amazing is that I am able to easily able to recreate the look. I highly recommend Diane. She is skilled and ver personable. 

Reviewed on 02.15.15

Stylist: Diane B.

I recently got a deva cut, after not getting a trim/cut for a year.  My hair is on the thinner side, and Diane asked specifics about what I liked and disliked about my hair.  My main objective was to get my hair to appear to be fuller and to have shape.  Diane listened and gave me exactly what I wanted.  She will take off as little or as much hair as you want.  She also gave great information on products that would work in my hair.  I have been able to use the tips she provided and re-create what she did, continuing to give my hair shape/volume.  Diane emailed me in the following days, to check in to see how my hair was doing.  I will definitely be contacting her again, once I need a trim. 

Reviewed on 10.23.14

Stylist: Diane B.

I love that Diane listens to your likes and dislikes, and makes suggestions before finally doing the cut.  She was very good at showing how she styled my hair so that I knew what to do to keep it looking good long after I left the salon.  I was nervous about getting another cut, because I have fairly long hair and in the past have felt pushed to get the stylist's "favorite haircut," whether or not it suits me or my texture (or worse, I get what the salon likes no matter what I say).  That didn't happen here; I got an individualized cut and style from Diane and loads of product suggestions.  She even followed up later!  My family loved it and how my hair has looked after the new frizz fighters she recommended--they call her the Hair Scientist now! 

Reviewed on 09.21.14

Stylist: Diane

Diane is amazing for curly hair. My hair is mostly 3a, very long, thick. I usually can't wait to get home and restyle/fix my hair after a hair cut. It's been so long since I left a salon LOVING the way my hair looked. She knows what she is doing with curly hair. Highly recommended.

Reviewed on 06.30.14

Stylist: Diane

If you are African-American with coarse hair Diane is not the stylist for you. She had no idea what to do with my texture of hair and I ended up paying $50 and leaving the salon with wet, dirty hair. I would not go back to this salon.

Reviewed on 04.27.14

Stylist: Diane

Diane is FABULOUS!! She did such an amazing job on my hair. I feel so sassy and beautiful! And I have even been able to replicate the way she styled my hair on my own. And for someone who has had the same hairstyle for the past 15+ years thats a big deal! She really listened and took the time to teach me about my hair and how to use the Deva Care products and gave me some really great advise about haircare. My 5 year old daughter has an appointment next week and has been counting down the days until she gets to go see Ms.Diane for her deva cut.

Reviewed on 06.02.13

Stylist: Diane

I went for my first DevaCut with Diane at Tagi and was not disappointed! After living in fear of hair stylists my whole life, I FINALLY left a salon feeling great about my hair. My appointment with Diane was not just a cut, but also an education. She spent time examining my hair and listening to my needs and difficulties. She recommended appropriate products, showed me how to use them, and gave me tips for my weekly hair routine. At the end of the dry cut, my hair had never looked better. Now, a few weeks later, I can say that the DevaCurl products have changed my hair for the better. The 3-step process was much easier to integrate into my routine than I expected and the results have been healthier, shinier, softer, and curlier hair. Amazingly, I have not had a bad hair day since! I recommend every curly girl out there explore the DevaCurls cut and method and find a stylist who understands how to work with curls. I found mine - I will definitely be going back to Diane!

Reviewed on 05.02.13

Stylist: Diane

Although at the time I felt like she didn't really do all that much, the fact that my mother has not stopped raving about my haircut and how much better she likes the way my hair falls now tells me that sometimes little things do make a big difference ;) In addition to the compliments-from-my-mother worthy cut, Diane really gave me some great, great tips about how to care for my hair. She asked lots of questions about my routine (which was pretty haphazard, actually) and offered me a ton of good advice. I know her advice was good because my hair certainly looks and feels much healthier since I started following it! I also appreciated that she wasn't at all pushy about products. PS - Remember to bring cash for tips! Tagi had to run a separate transaction for me to put it on a card, which they ordinarily don't do, I was told.

Reviewed on 12.16.11

Stylist: Diane

Diane gave me a great cut- and was really good at showing me how she styled it, which I LOVED. Definitely recommend, she was awesome, and I duplicated it at home, which rarely happens!

Reviewed on 11.12.10

Stylist: Diane

Diane did a great job with my hair. She talked to me about my routine and gave me tips on things I was struggling with. She's very easy to talk to.

Reviewed on 07.01.10

Stylist: Diane B.

I just want to say how great Diane is at Tagis Hair Design in Columbia. Diane has very curly hair herself (probably a 3b) and is a certified Deva Hair Concepts professional. She totally embraces curly hair. She NEVER tries to straighten my hair! She will work with you if you are struggling with how to tame and shape your curls by offering tips she's learned along the way. I highly recommend her!

Reviewed on 05.24.10

Stylist: Diane

Diane is a Deva Educator and really knows curly hair. She takes plenty of time to be sure that the client knows how to care for their curls and knows the products to use. I love the dry cut!

Reviewed on 05.21.10