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Stylist: Amy Colvin

Amy is now a stylist at Hair Chiasso in Maumee, OH! Definitely go check her out, she works wonders on curly hair!

Reviewed on 12.09.14

Stylist: Amy Colvin

I was a bit skeptical but I am sold. I traveled a good hour to have Amy cut my curls which have been lifeless and shapeless. She really took the time to listen to what I was saying and educating me on my curl. I will definitely be back!

Reviewed on 08.15.13

Stylist: Amy Colvin

I found Amy through this site and I'm so glad I did! She gave me the best haircut I've ever had. She will cut dry and takes her time cutting each curl. She really listens to you and offers some great advice and suggestions. I'll definitely be going back to her.

Reviewed on 06.03.13

Stylist: Amy Colvin

I moved to the Toledo area from Michigan a month ago, leaving behind my beloved curly hair stylist who I found 6 years ago thanks to Since I had such great luck here before, I decided to give it another try. I was thrilled to see all the great reviews for Amy and even more thrilled that this salon is less than 4 miles from where I work. Two weeks ago I scheduled an appointment as a brand new customer with Amy, and because I work during the day, requested an evening appointment. I waited a week for my 6:30 PM appointment and at 3PM on the day of my appointment, I got a call from the salon telling me Amy was sick and had gone home for the day. I was disappointed, but recognized that people do get sick, so I rescheduled my appointment for exactly one week later at 6:30PM. Imagine my surprise when I got a call from the salon the day of my appointment telling me that Amy was sick and couldn't cut my hair that night and asked if I wanted to reschedule. Fat chance! Apparently, Amy is sick of working in the evenings, or she's sick of growing her customer base. And clearly she's sick of looking at her appointment book because if she would have, she would have realized that she pulled the same stunt with the same exact would-be customer exactly one week earlier. Her loss, because I'm a very good tipper (usually tip 20-25% of the cost of a cut) and it's the salon's loss as well, since I will not be getting my pedicures, manicures, and haircoloring done there, either. If you're an existing customer of Amy's, good for you. If you're a new customer looking for a stylist, don't bother. It would appear that she has plenty of clients and doesn't feel the need to grow her customer base.

Reviewed on 08.01.12

Stylist: Amy Colvin

Amy is the best hair stylist I have ever seen. She has great advice and really works with me and my hair. My hair looks and feels great.

Reviewed on 06.22.12

Stylist: Amy Colvin

Amy cut my long curls off about 3 months ago. They were almost to my butt, and she showed me damaged areas and she was able to determine when I stopped using sulfates by the difference my curls! I left with a much lighter head, nearly 18 inches off. She did a great job, and this is the first time I will go back to the same person. I actually want to maintain the style and not just wait until my hair is out of control. The cut has made my curls better. Even with humidity, my hair looks great every day. More than anything, she knew what she was doing and was nice. She took her time and was happy to answer all my questions and give useful feedback. I went to another stylist the week before, at the recommendation of a curly girl. The stylist there used a stripping shampoo on my hair and combed it with a tight toothed "old man" comb. Then she refused to cut it, because it was "too pretty". Not after being stripped and pulled!!! It was so lucky for me that she was so obviously inept and I found Amy on here the next day. Amy cut each curl dry and paid attention not only to what I told her, but to what my hair was telling her. The only negative thing I would say, is to check the ingredients on the product the salon sells.

Reviewed on 05.21.12


I heard good things about Amy on this site and she did not disappoint! I took my daughter to her and after leaving there we had a different understanding of her curly hair!!

Reviewed on 01.20.11

Stylist: Amy Colvin

I found Amy through and have trusted my curls ONLY to her. I had discovered the Curly Girl book a few months before meeting Amy. Amy knew the concept well and was very supportive. She cuts my hair dry, which, I feel is imperative to a great curly cut. She recommended a conditioner that was perfect for my hair type. Amy has definitely been my saving grace. She has helped me love my curls.

Reviewed on 01.11.11

Stylist: Amy Colvin

I love Amy so much, I followed her from her former salon! She has done a wonderful job with my curly hair, and as sweet as can be :)

Reviewed on 01.10.11

Stylist: Amy Colvin

I found Amy on this site 3 years ago and followed her here from Perrysburg. If you are in the Toledo area, she is THE stylist to see. She understands the 'no poo' philosophy and will help you along your curly journey. She cuts me dry (the only way to correctly shape a curly girl) and helps wade through product to give my customized recommendation. Love her!!!

Reviewed on 05.14.10