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User Reviews (2)

Stylist: Mel Barnard

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

Mel Barnard really is the best. I began going to her when she was working at Dolce Salon in Chandler and I followed her to Luxe. She has been the only person I have truly trusted cutting my combination 3A and 3B hair for almost 6 years AND the only person I have trusted coloring my hair. Luxe is an expensive salon. I unfortunately need to look for a salon that is more affordable. I am heartbroken...but give Mel the best reference possible. Very high marks!!!

Stylist: Stormy

I have to say every aspect of my experience at Luxe was great. First of all, the salon was beautiful but the staff was not the least bit pretentious. I was also pleased to see they allow children (who aren’t getting cuts) in the salon. Stormy was genuinely interested in hearing about all of the unique things I do to my hair (CG influences, homemade DTs, butters, hair gel, etc). I do not use expensive products on my hair, and whenever I see a new stylist, I always prepare myself for the lecture on the nastiness of 'drugstore products' and the merits of whatever that particular salon sells. I didn't hear ANY of that from Stormy! It was wonderful! She did explain to me that she was going to use the Deva products which I was rather interested in after reading the Curly Girl book (and co washing, of course). She also explained to me that she had undergone some Deva training and could do the cut described in the Curly Girl book but she wasn’t a big proponent of it (which I preferred). Stormy was very skilled at getting my curls to spring up without any noticeable change in overall length (since I am attempting to grow out). She did mention another stylist regularly does this cut on at least one client though. She asked me how I wanted my hair styled, and to my surprise, she was very pleased to hear I wanted to wear it curly (everyone I go to ALWAYS wants to flat iron me). At the suggestion of my previous stylist, I had my hair highlighted to cover a few grays, but since this was my first visit to Luxe, I figured I would try for a cut only. To my surprise, in speaking with Stormy, she actually talked me out of getting my hair re-highlighted! In short, I really felt like Stormy was very skilled at cutting my hair and was truly interested in doing what was best for me and not what would get her the most business, which is exactly why I plan to go back!