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User Reviews

Stylist: Lindsey

This is an update review. Lindsey is still amazing and always willing to improve her knowledge about curly hair. She recently attended Deva training and her new technique is helping my hair look even better. Go see her for your Deva-certified cut!

Reviewed on 05.30.11

Stylist: Lindsey

I typically prefer stylists who share the experience of having naturally curly hair so that I can garner knowledge of how they handle the environment to transform their curls into great styles. Lindsey does not have naturally curly hair, but she works hard to educate herself in all aspects of how to manage and love naturally curly hair. She works with me to find the most appropriate products, styles, and color to enhance my curls. She is always on the lookout for items she knows might interest me and shares her finds when I come in. I really appreciate the extra effort to make my curls be their best. This is one stylist who has definitely found her calling in life.

Reviewed on 05.20.10