M Salon

1784 Mass Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138

User Reviews

Stylist: Dana

I love my M Salon experience. The salon's funky look was why I walked in the door and then I met Dana. DANA IS THE BEST. If the funky decor gives you pause, close your eyes and get yourself seated with Dana. BUT Dana is moving! Thankfully only a block down the street to Hair Connection. Hair Connection is lucky to have him. That said I see lots of folks travel from afar to work with Dana, so they should. Dana listens to your needs and wishes, then arrives at a low maintenance and no fuss cut. Dana does not solve cuts with products, rather with his diligent and meticulous technique. Dana gives you a cut that grows out beautifully, almost to a fault as you do not get to see Dana enough because the cut last so long. What you get is worth waaay more than the current $45 price. I am continually grateful for having found Dana and wish you all the same.

Reviewed on 12.16.12

Stylist: Dana

Best stylist of my life! I shudder to think what I would do without Dana. My shoulder length, thick, curly hair has puzzled stylists for years. The first time he cut my hair, Dana knew exactly what to do. My hair looked great without any fuss (just wash and air dry). No one else will ever touch my hair. Dana moves to Hair Connection on January 3 2013 (1768 Mass Ave; 617-354-9133). Guess I'll be visiting a new salon!

Reviewed on 12.11.12

Stylist: Dana

Agreed - Dana is the first person I'd let touch my hair in literally 14 years. Now he's the only one allowed to touch it....with a pair of scissors that is. He has a much deeper understanding of curls, weight, shape, and texture that your average cosmetology major would not. I come up to Cambridge from RI and it's totally worth the trip. Plus, I don't need to have my hair cut that often because it even grows out beautifully thanks to his technique. Can't say enough about this guy.

Reviewed on 10.17.11

Stylist: Dana

Curly girls, your worries are over...finally someone who really knows how to deal with curls and not make you feel like it is your fault. Dana listens and aims for low maintenance. He doesn't push product but will give advice if asked. I've searched a long time for someone that REALLY understands curly hair and Dana is it. He's my new sylist...can't recommend him highly enough based on the great new style he gave me. Don't let the salon itself put you off...this guy knows his job!

Reviewed on 03.25.11

Stylist: Dana

Dana is the best hair dresser I have ever had for my curly hair. I found out about him from this website, and I have gone to him now for over three years. He is awesome! I think any curly haired person in the Boston area should make the trip to M salon.

Reviewed on 05.23.10