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Stylist: Adrian

I have been going to this salon for years. I usually used to go to Shelly, the owner of the salon. Then one day, I desperately needed a cut but Shelly was booked for the next month. The only other stylist available was Adrian. So I went to her and LOVED my cut. But then for my next cut, I went back to Shelly. The cut was okay. This pattern continued for about a year. Then, about 10 weeks ago, I got my haircut by Shelly again. It looked cute... for two weeks. Then it got thick and unmanageable and bushy and boxy! So I went back to Adrian. I've continued to get awesome cuts from her! She does cut wet, but my hair cannot be cut dry because I have a different curl pattern every day. She's really sweet and listens to what I want. She also has great suggestions. Love her!