Salon Amor

Park Meadows Mall
Lone Tree, CO

User Reviews

Stylist: Genevieve

I do not have a review to add, but I'm wondering if there is a phone number for this salon. I've tried looking online and calling information and cannot find any information for it. The review on Genevieve sounds wonderful, and I'd love to try her.

Reviewed on 07.20.10

Stylist: Genevieve

I have African American hair and this lady knew just how to take care of it and make my curls stand out. She used a VERY moisturizing poo and condish treatment. Then when we sat down she added all the right things for MY textured hair. I was impressed. She REALLY listens to what you want and my cut came out beautiful. Not bulky, not blocky, and definitely no pyramid. The best thing is she doesn't wash, cut, and kicks you out of the chair. She will actually take the time to define your curls using a technique that she will teach you. She knows her stuff and her service is very affordable.

Reviewed on 05.05.06