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User Reviews (6)

Stylist: Melissa

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

This salon is now at Elite Salon Studios on Mt. Vernon HWY 770-394-6100. Interesting new concept of multiple individual stylists. I had been going to another very well rated salon but it just got too expensive so I decided to try Melissa. Her space is very nice and she has the best massaging shampoo chair! She asked many questions and studied my curly Botacelli curls. The Deva cut she does is dry and I have never had that done before. It really did shape my curlsr and took some of the weight off without cutting it short. I went back to a dark Auburn color which is a nice change from the Chestnut I had been doing for a while. Melissa explained all she was doing and told me how to care for the curls. I usually do not like when a stylist does my hair curly but it looked nice and very healthy. She did tell me the Deva cut like a C cut is meant to be for your curls and not for a smooth look because some pieces may be different lengths. It does make the curls work well and I don't wear my hair straight too often unless I have my hair dresser do it. The price was reasonable about $124 total and she spent a long time cutting my hair. She even called me later to see what I thought of my hair. She is very nice and I will be back. I like it when people go the extra mile to make sure you are happy and appreciate your business.

REVIEWED BY: karla  |  8.26.11

Stylist: Melissa

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

Melissa gave me a great Deva cut. I had a good idea on what I wanted and she totally got what I was asking for. My hair came out looking perfect. I don't know about the negative review, I think they should have asked for a correction before giving up. $60 is really not that bad for a Deva cut, especially considering you won't often find it for less than $100. At least for me it's worth it because the cheap places around here only give wet haircuts which take too much time to style & grow out ugly. With a good Deva cut like the one I got from Melissa I can just wash & go and get a haircut 2-3x a year.

REVIEWED BY: Darina  |  2.18.11

Stylist: Melissa

I went to this salon based on reviews from this website. Mistake! The haircut is $60 for the Deva cut which I wanted as I have boticelli curls. The price is a little on the steep side, but I thought it would be worth it. The salon itself is on the dumpy side. It is small and needs to be modernized. Melissa is very friendly and does give lots of tips on how to get great looking curls. The problem is the haircut. She cut one side of my hair with shorter layers than the other side. Also, I have strands of hair that are longer than the others. I could have opted to go back and have it corrected, but I really didn't much faith in her afterwards. My recommendation is to go elsewhere.

REVIEWED BY: atllisa  |  9.18.10

Stylist: Melissa

I recently moved to the area and found Melissa on NC. It was THE BEST hair appointment I've ever had. Melissa, a Deva-trained stylist with curly hair herself, started by talking to me about what I wanted and what would be best for my hair in a new climate. My previous cut was pretty sad and she talked to me about what she would do and how she could "fix" it. She really listened to me and I felt like I could tell her whatever I was thinking without her telling me I was crazy. I've had a Deva cut before, so I knew a little about what to expect. Melissa did a fantastic job cutting my hair. She never seemed rushed or harried. She talked to me about how to care for my hair at home in a low-key way (I'm not a high-maintenance girl). When she styled and dried my hair, I walked out with the best haircut I've ever had. Thanks, Melissa!! I will not go to anyone else as long as I live here!

REVIEWED BY: kaype  |  6.11.10

Stylist: Sandy Hayes

Sandy is the consummate pro for the curly-girl. With her styling expertise and "trim" genius, Sandy will coax your curls into just the right style for your optimum look and lifestyle. Sandy has brought my curls to life for 3 years and I regard her as part of my support system, as a career woman who needs to keep a professional, classy curly look. She actually TALKS to you! With your input and her styling skills I am sure that you, like me, will make your appointments for a year in advance to ensure that this integral part of your self-image and well-being is BEAUTIFULLY handled! Hoorah for Sandy and all her associates at the Salon at Jett Ferry! I love my perfect curly-head!!

REVIEWED BY: pstuut  |  5.17.10

Stylist: Melissa Chisman

I have seen Melissa twice now, and she seems to "get" my hair. I have very fine, wavy, frizzy hair that sometimes curls and sometimes doesn't. I never thought I'd find a hairstylist that actually knew that curly hair is different in many ways from straight hair, and therefore should be cut and styled differently. Melissa makes things easy and doesn't pull on my tender head like so many have done before. I am very simple and don't do a lot to my hair, and Melissa understands that. She doesn't make a big fuss over it, but makes it look its best when styling. She does a version of the Deva "C" cut, which I find to be quite refreshing. Curly girls, if you're fed up with hairstylists that don't know how to treat your lovely curly hair, try Melissa Chisman at The Salon on Jett Ferry. She's really a cool chick and knows her business really well. Plus she's a curly girl herself, which is a huge plus.