458 West Broadway #2
New York, NY 10012

User Reviews

Stylist: Enrico

He's amazing! Your first appt will take an hour and half, he spends that much time with you. He really knows curls, how to cut, and has his own 4 rules (not to be broken)

Reviewed on 06.11.10

Stylist: Jenny Gonzalez

Before going to Serenity i was really nervous about cutting my hair. I have really thick curly hair. I tried to get some ideas but all the other photos i look at don't seem to be my hair type. So when I talked to Jenny about this she was really supportive, i still brought some ideas with me and she made my ideas come to life with my hair type. She cut my hair dry then washed it and cut it wet to even out the lengths of the layers. She really pampered me...brought beverages and magazines. The price was very reasonable for the job she did on my hair($85) and the salon is very relaxed. And i loved the HUGE mirror i sat in front of. It was a great experience and she spent a good amount of time on me and my hair.

Reviewed on 07.26.06

Stylist: Logan

He's amazing on all types of curly hair. I'm African-American and he knew just what to do with my hair. I would hightly recommend him. He used to work out of Arroyo Studio and I called for an appointment but they said he was no longer there so I searched the net and found out where he moved to. Edris of Edris Salon NYC is also amazing.

Reviewed on 04.17.06

Stylist: Jenny Gonzalez

Origionally from Arrojo Studio, I found Jenny 2 years ago, and was devastated when I tried to make an appointment at Arrojo and they informed me she moved out of state. She is HERE in NYC!! I was running a little late and called, they were like "no problem, Jenny is here, there is no rush" and they did NOT rush me when I got there either.the Salon is really laid back, not too loud, nice decor and people are really really friendly. She has given me cuts that last up to 6mos+, the more it grows in the better it keeps looking. She also has curly hair and understands a lot, also gives tips on how to style and products to use.

Reviewed on 03.31.06

Stylist: Jenny G

I've been going to Arrojo Studio to see Jenny G. I love my cuts from her and she has crazy curly hair herself. She recently changed salons not far from where she was. It's called Serenity....the salon is much nicer and friendlier than Arrojo. Hurry and boook your appt. with her so you can too reach your maximum potential.

Reviewed on 02.09.06