Oh! My Nappy Hair Salon

237 Mitchell Street
Atlanta, GA 30303

User Reviews

Stylist: Zee

Zee really took care of my natural hair! I enjoyed EVERY minute of this experience!!!

Reviewed on 01.22.11

Stylist: Erica

I visited this salon back in December 2009. I had a very positive experience. I was still transitioning at the time and wanted to try a straw set. The stylist was also able to give me a trim without straightening my hair. The straw set turned out great. It lasted for a full two weeks. I would definitely recommend this salon.

Reviewed on 07.27.10

Stylist: Shonna

My stylist was Shonna she was very nice and had great conversations. Negative: My appointment was scheduled for 1:30pm and I was not seen until a bit after 4. I am no Prima Donna but I am a professional woman and timeliness in my hair care choice is absolutely neccesary for me. Positive: Everyone in the salon was truly knowledgable about natural hair care and the transitioning process. I was clearly not one of those place that say they specialize but have not a clue what they are talking about. After washing and conditioning I could feel softness of my hair. Also My hair felt very soft and had a brilliant shine to it when it was finished. I was really satisfied with my results. It is pricey I got a wash, conditioner, trim, and press for $75. *They give first timers a 20% discount As you can see the positives out way the negatives but to be honest that was a serious negative. All in all I will go back there when I am in the Atlanta area (or Los Angeles/Oakland they have locations there as well). I would definitely suggest this Salon.

Reviewed on 06.21.10