Sis Bros Salon

5408 Perry Road
Grand Blanc, MI 48439

User Reviews

Stylist: Michele Jackett

she is great

Reviewed on 09.15.12

Stylist: A. Lara

I like this salon and it's had a great repertoire until I heard that one of the stylists hired was strung out on drugs and had even been a prostitute. This news came to me between my schedulings and I decided to follow through with my appointment. It was clear which stylist had earned herself that reputation. I hope drug testing is mandatory for the employees. I personally will not return if addicts are allowed to hold scissors.

Reviewed on 05.08.12

Stylist: Michele Jackett

Michele has been cutting my hair for about 15 years now and I have always been very happy with her service but I had always worn my hair very short. I was afraid when I started growing out my hair and discovered how curly it was that I would have to find a new stylist who knew how to cut curls but I was pleasantly surprised that Michele knew a lot about cutting curly hair. Last time she asked me if I wanted it cut dry and I said yes. She listened to what I wanted as my hair is growing out and she had suggestions to avoid the dreaded wedge. She always does a great job, curly or straight, wet or dry.

Reviewed on 06.23.10