705 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON

User Reviews

Stylist: Iman

Curly heads beware! This is not a curly head friendly salon. They use a paddle brush on wet hair to comb it then to dry it. They don't have a diffuser, don't understand that you can't blast curly hair with a nozzled hot hair dryer and they don't know how to cut it. They smush your hair around in circles when shampooing it rather than raking product into it and they use almost nothing on your hair to style it. If you ask for a curly style, they'll try to straighten your gorgeous natural texture first before going at it with round bristle brushes and a hot nozzled hair dryer. Get your hair cut here and you're going to walk out with a flat on top, thick on the bottom triangle cut. Learn from my mistakes with this place and Beware beware! Stay away!

Reviewed on 05.07.10

Stylist: Kenneth

When I first moved to Ottawa, I thought it was going to be difficult to find a stylist who could cut my hair (I've got long, thick wavy/curly/frizz prone hair). Kenneth is awesome. When he cuts your hair, it grows out great and pricing is really reasonable. Here is the link (site is still under construction but it has some info):

Reviewed on 04.25.07