Giulia Heiman

West Village or your home
New York, NY 10003

User Reviews

Stylist: Giulia Heiman

Giulia is a wonderful stylist!! I'm super picky and have a hard time finding someone I like. Giulia, however, really knows which cut is suitable for your hair type and face shape. Your personality also plays a role in the kind of cut you get--maybe you're going for a wild kind of look with lots of volume, or something a little more conservative. Either way, just let her know what you're looking for and she'll do her best to match it. I've gone to her about 6 times already. Never been disappointed! My hair grows out beautifully afterwards. And, I love how she actually teaches you how to style it on your own, which products to use, and which curling iron will save your life on non-curl day. It's $95 for a cut at the studio--but it's worth every penny. Go see her!!

Reviewed on 11.29.11

Stylist: Giulia Heiman

Giulia gives me the best haircuts I have ever had! I have very thick curly hair, the kind of hair that freaks out most stylists, even the ones in the curly hair salons. Giulia is calm about it--because she knows what she is doing! She listens to me and removes some bulk without creating awful grow-out layers, and she doesn't chop too much off the ends, but gives me a smooth finish. Plus, she is really nice to spend time with. I have been going to Giulia for a number of years now, and this great work is consistent.

Reviewed on 10.15.10

Stylist: Giulia

I registered for this website just to be able to write a review because Giulia is so amazing. She gave me the best haircut I've ever had (and I've been to many of the so-called curl experts salons before). She listened to my concerns and ideas, and she really did a phenomenal cut that looks beautiful curly or blown out. She also had great advice about products and styling - my curls even stayed perfect in the hundred degree sweaty heat, which has never happened before. Giulia is down to earth and awesome, and everyone with curly hair should go to her. Seriously.

Reviewed on 07.06.10