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Stylist: Aimee

This was my first time visiting this salon. The person who answered the phone asked me some questions about my hair and then when making my appointment, "stuck me" with this person who calls herself a stylist. I was her first appointment and she was late to the appointment. (bad) then even though she knew I have naturally curly hair, she badly cut my hair into a straight elevated bob. She not only blew dried my hair but then stuck a hot iron on it. She razor cut and point cut my wet hair ). When I left it was horrible. I paid $55.00 (probably shouldn't have) and I did let her cut my hair. But this review is to warn others. DO NOT let this girl but your hair. She stinks. I don't know about the other stylist. They may be good. Not AIMEE!!!

Reviewed on 10.25.14

Stylist: Martha

Martha is by far the best stylist that has ever done my hair. She knew exactly what I wanted without me saying, dry cut my curls, and shaped it to fit my look. She was so helpful in prescribing products for my new cut, and made me feel so comfortable through the entire process. I will not go to anyone else as long as we are in the same city.

Reviewed on 02.06.13

Stylist: Martha

I've been to see Martha a few times now. She has done a wonderful job cutting my hair (dry), highlighting it, and styling it both curly and straight. She is friendly, warm and laid back. I just found out I'm moving and I'm so sad to leave the best hair stylist I've ever had! Prices are totally reasonable, I would say inexpensive for what I'm getting. I hope someone in Seattle can live up to her!

Reviewed on 08.28.11

Stylist: Jim

I just came here for the first time after reading reviews on this site. I had been searching for a new salon in Jacksonville. This salon totally exceeded my expectations. Jim did the best dry cut I have ever had. When you go to a new stylist for the first time, you are a little bit nervous. As soon as I started talking to Jim he put my mind at ease. He even spruced up my color. I could go on and on. Really glad I found him.

Reviewed on 11.16.10

Stylist: Lea

I normally do not write reviews but I highly recommend this salon. It is such a pleasant experience. While I have curly hair and feel it requires special attention, Lea made the cut seem so easy. I am going to bring the whole fam in next time. A fun place to go and the rosemary water was a nice touch too.

Reviewed on 09.29.10

Stylist: Lea

I live in New York City and usually get my hair cut by Devachan, but wanted to get a cut while I was in Jacksonville. Lea did a fantastic job with my hair! The cut is great and the atmosphere of Hawthorn is hip but relaxing. The staff is attentive and I was able to get a same-day Saturday appointment. I might be making Lea and Hawthorn my regular curly salon.

Reviewed on 09.07.10

Stylist: JIM

I found out that Jim from Hair Peace moved to Hawthorn Salon too. He has been cutting and coloring my curls for a while now and does an awesome job. You will definitely be in good hands at this salon.

Reviewed on 07.23.10

Stylist: LEA

I love Lea. She really listens to what you want. AND..I am also a HUGE fan of the Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious. I am quite happy that this salon opened in Jacksonville. We definitely needed a new hip place like this.

Reviewed on 07.12.10

Stylist: Lea

Lea is the best stylist for curly hair. I am so happy that she has her own salon no. Also, this salon is one of the only salons in Jacksonville that has Bumble and Bumble. I have been searching for a salon in Jacksonville with Bumble and Bumble and am so glad she has it. They have the absolute best styling products for curls!!

Reviewed on 07.12.10

Stylist: LEA

When I heard Lea left Hair Peace, I was devastated! She has been cutting my hair for years and I would not trust anyone else to cut this mop. Then I found out she opened her own place in 5 Points called Hawthorn Salon. The place looks amazing!! So glad I found her!

Reviewed on 07.06.10