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Stylist: Anonymous

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

My mother has gone to this salon since I was a baby and now 18 years later, I've been a devoted customer for almost 4 years! I'm a blonde 2b cancer patient in remission for a year and a half so my hairdresser is my best friend! I've been seeing Nyla for years, she's the highlight whisperer and always dealt with my waist long wavy hair beautifully. As it's grown back it's even curlier from the lack of sheer weight and is a shaggy collarbone length cut while I'm growing it back out. She knows exactly what she's doing in every situation as does every employee there. My mother always saw Paulette who is equally amazing and Samira is a more recent addition to the salon and fabulousbut literally any girl there knows what she's doing. I always look forward to my highlight lowlight cut and blow dry routine every 12 weeks, I was always feel so refreshed! The best salon around!

Stylist: Paulette

I've been seeing Paulette for my now-past-shoulder-length Curly Cut for 2 years. I found her through a posting on this site. The first few cuts Paulette repaired where other stylists had hacked away the curls on either side of my chin. It took some patience, but with Paulette's amazing help and some time to let my hair grow out (about 5 months), my hair has grown into beautiful long happy spirals. I can honestly say that ever since I've been seeing Paulette and getting her Curly Cuts I have not had a single "bad hair day". That's amazing considering I'd spent the previous 28 years fighting my hair every day! Thanks Paulette!

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  8.22.07