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User Reviews

Stylist: Jonatha

I was so relieved to find a stylist who actually knew what to do with curly hair!! She is excellent!! If you have been thinking about going to Jonatha for a cut...Please do it!! She is an expert & will give you tips on getting the most out of your curls...I will be a customer of her's forever!!! Two Thumbs up :o)

Reviewed on 01.24.09

Stylist: Jonatha

This girl rocks! She's done it again - this is my second review for Jonatha on this site. She knows her stuff when it comes to the dry cut technique. This is the second time I brought her a picture of the cut I wanted (from the Devachan.com website) and she matched it exactly! The only difference is, before the cut my hair was not quite as long as the girl in the pic but now I've got the shape to grow into. She gives such great cuts, I only need one every six months or so. The only down side is, she doesn't have the best products to work with so I bring my own so I'm guaranteed to get a great styling and she doesn't mind at all! I have been using an organic product by Curls.biz called Curls Goddess Glaze which gives me great hold w/o the crunchies and toxic chemicals in a lot of curly products these days. Jonatha only works a few hours a week but it's well worth the wait for an opening. I'm referring all my curly friends to her b/c she's local and does a fab job.

Reviewed on 12.09.08

Stylist: Jonatha

Great haircut! I was planning on going to Devachan but ended up I wasn't going to make it to NY so I thought I would try her. Turns out she was trained at Devachan and worked there for 3 years. She gave me the best haircut I have ever had in my life! And for 80 bucks less than I would have paid at Devachan so I was excited about that. Most importantly she taught me some styling and blow-drying tips which have really helped cut down on frizz and my hair is looking Great!! I highly recommend her. P.

Reviewed on 10.24.08

Stylist: Jonatha

Be careful if you're doing highlights. Not the best in that area.

Reviewed on 05.28.08

Stylist: Jonatha

FIVE STARS! This girl knows her curls! She's all that and a bag o' chips - seriously, we connected immediately. We speak the same curl language. I came in with my hair straightened but left with incredible curls b/c of the amazing cut she gave me. I have had 2 other Deva trained stylists cut my hair but it never looked this good before - she understood exactly what I wanted. I showed her several pics of the shape I was desiring and she agreed that the style fit my face shape and curl type before we started cutting (b/c not all curls can have the same style and cut - loose vs tight, ethnic curls). We washed and diffuse dried my hair first with no product in it so she could see how the curls dry naturally. We took some length off the top and added some cute little short curlies that fall across my forehead, but left the length in the back since I am planning to grow it long. She was able to snip into the shape, cutting each curl separately and bluntly just as it fell naturally. Then she sprayed it down w/a water bottle and ran some product through it and diffused it again. We were running short on time or we would've rewet my whole head to get the best curl formation - but I have to say, the end result was still impressive. I am hooked! I like my hair big with a lot of volume and well-defined, smooth curls - now I've got it! Not to mention, Jonatha has a wonderful personality, is smart and funny. I am going to recommend her to all my curly friends. She only works 25 hrs a week so make your appointment a couple weeks ahead of time. There aren't many stylists North of New Haven that have been trained to cut curly hair dry - now I've got one in my own backyard. This is by far, the best cut I've ever had! No more straight hair for me. : )

Reviewed on 04.10.08

Stylist: Jonatha

If it were possible to have a PhD is curlology, Jonatha would have it! She cuts curly hair brilliantly, happily teaches you techniques to tame your curls and introduces you to products that will work for your exact type of curls. If that weren’t enough she is intelligent, insightful and funny. I would recommend her to anyone looking for the best curly-hair haircut of his or her life!

Reviewed on 12.29.07

Stylist: Jonatha

She's amazing. She actually listens to her clients and does what YOU want done, not what she thinks you want or what's trendy. She's only cut my hair once and it was a year ago, but after she cut it i never saw the need to get it cut again, that's how good the cut was! she cut my hair dry and carefully and meticulously cut only what needed attention, picking out individual curls instead of generic clumps. i left with beautiful hair. i didn't feel the need to fix it, straighten it, or cry over it. i plan on seeing her again soon for a maintenance cut and then waiting another year. i've also seen her for color and she's an amazing colorist. she can mix color from sight and doesn't need to match your hair to a chart. she's also gentle. she won't pull your hair or put you in pain... or forget about you while your hair sets. and when doing highlights, again she'll pick out individual curls, not generic clumps so the highlights look really natural i recommended her to my mom who has wavy hair and she says this, "finally! a stylist who gave me the cut i wanted! they all make me look like an old woman. i might be old, but i don't want to look it and Jonatha understands that!" also... she's a very smart young woman. i've had a few great literary discussions with her while i was in her chair.

Reviewed on 04.04.07