Michelle's Lincoln Avenue Salon

2809 Lincoln Avenue
Evansville, IN 47714-1752

User Reviews

Stylist: Jenny

I have been going to Jenny faithfully for several years now and would trust no one else with my color.  She is a color wizard.  She is the one who suggested I go red when the thought had never occurred to me and I initially laughed at her idea.  I didn't think I could carry it off.  She assured me I could.  Now I regularly get compliments wherever I go.  People sometimes even have the nerve to ask me if it's natural because Jenny mixes several colors together to get my shade so that it is an eyecatcher for sure.  Not brassy, not blinding, but rich and unique and perfect for me.  I don't know of anyone in this area who is trained to do a "one curl at a time" Curly Girl cut, but Jenny does cut my hair dry so that the length does not end up uneven and wonky.  She knows how to frame my face and give me layers so that I don't have a mushroom cloud cut. Like I said, I always get many, many compliments, on my hair wherever I go, a lot from complete strangers in unusual places!  Jenny also does not blink twice when I bring in my own silicone-free and sulfate-free products from home for her to use at the basin to wash my hair.  She has read The Curly Girl Handbook and uses demi-permanent color on my hair which is not as harsh as permanent color.  I also bring my own Curl Keeper and Devacurl Gel to style my hair.  It's just easier and faster for me to apply it myself because I know how much I need in my very long, very thick hair (I need a ton of product.)  Jenny has a cup diffuser on her blow dryer which every curly girl needs to keep from blowing all her curls to kingdom come, or you can sit under the hood dryer if you choose.  Jenny is very accommodating to curly girls, a wiz with color, and extremely personable.  Unless one of Lorraine Massey's personal trainees moved to town, I wouldn't go to anyone else.  (And then I would only try them out for a cut.  I would still go to Jenny for color--always.)   ~curlylibrarygirl

Reviewed on 09.20.15

Stylist: Jenny

I just had my third haircut with Jenny, whom I started going to after reading the first review on here. I like her! I had the toughest time finding a stylist after moving to Evansville. Jenny is the first stylist who listened when I said, "I think I'd kinda like some bangs..." and figured out a way to make it work with my hair type. She definitely got me out of a "hair rut." Even though Jenny has straight hair, as the previous reviewer mentioned, I feel like she has a good idea of what will work for curly girls.

Reviewed on 06.26.11

Stylist: Jenny

For curly hair, Jenny was fine. She listened well to what I wanted. She had helpful suggestions to offer and proceeded with confidence in terms of a shape and length that would fit my face and hair well. She was willing to take on my request for the shortest hairdo I've had since junior high (which was a disaster) even though I didn't know exactly what I wanted. She did not, however, have the same expectations I had in terms of how to cut curly hair. I will admit that I walked in with grimy hair after having spritzed myself with a mystery liquid that morning and having no time to shower it out and start over. She handled that very gracefully and didn't let on if she judged me for it. Here's what I expect from a curly hair cut: 1. cut off dead weight 2. rinse, massage (ooh! my fav!), possible cleanse, condition, possible light gel, and paper towel or t-shirt dry 3. sit under the dome hair dryer until nearly dry 4. finish the cut dry 5. add a bit of finishing shape (fingers) and hold (gel/creme/etc) Here's what I got: 1. cut off dead weight, add some shape and layers, lots of combing 2. rinse, cleanse/condition (not sure which i got, but probably just condition since i said i haven't used shampoo in years), and towel dry 3. finish the cut while hair is dripping wet/as it air dries partially, lots of combing and finger teasing 4. dry w/blow dryer + sock diffuser (her hair dryer broke that day or she would have used a regular diffuser), more finger teasing 5. spray gel So the look I walked out with has a lot more fluff than I would want and a lot less defined curls. I think I just might be happy with this hair in the end, but I won't know for sure until I get a chance to condition it myself, use my AnGel, and let it air dry. (unlike the previous reviewer) Jenny said that the demand for the Deva products isn't there, so they don't cary them anymore. I'm guessing that she also hasn't had many requests for a curlygirl cut, either. I'm hoping to find a good and current reference for a curly cut here in Evansville, but I won't be going back to Jenny anytime soon. I'll drive to StLouis to my old salon, if I must... By the way, Jenny's hair is straight.

Reviewed on 06.02.11

Stylist: Jenny

I've been desperately looking for a great curly stylist for a very long time. I found a listing on Devaconcepts.com for "Michelle's Lincoln Ave Salon" and I decided to give it a shot. They were so nice when I made the appointment and they said Jenny was their curly expect. I was skeptical because I've heard that before and still the stylist cut my hair like they do for someone with straight hair. Imagine my surprise (and delight) when after talking to Jenny about what I wanted - she said "I am going to cut your hair dry" AND she said she is planning to attend the one of the Deva cutting classes. Attending that class can only make her skills better! She did a great job cutting and styling my hair. I've had descent cuts before but they can never style it curly. I was soooo pleasantly surprised with the experience and it was worth the 40 minute drive (each way). I have another appointment in 6 weeks for color and I am excited. Jenny made some great suggestions for color. I love when a stylist has input on what they, as a professional, think will look good on you. Attention Curly Girls - if you are in Evansville or the surrounding areas call Jenny!

Reviewed on 07.17.10