Vanity Salon and Day Spa

2118 Oxford Avenue
Austin, TX 78704

User Reviews

Stylist: Laura

Laura is the owner of Vanity Salon. I have not let anyone but her cut my hair for the past 11 years. She does an amazing job, and always knows exactly what I'm asking for. She is also an expert at color.

Reviewed on 12.27.11

Stylist: Pamela Ross

Pamela gave me one of the best haircuts I've ever had and I am so happy I found her in my new city where I had to leave my old hairdresser behind. I was experiencing serious triangle head prior to walking into Vanity, and she was able to make my hair look amazing. A friend recommended her to me who's hair I loved and I'm so glad I went to her. She definitely understands how curls work and is very knowledgeable about hair in general. She really listened to what I wanted, but I also trusted her to create something fun. The style is so easy to maintain and seems to always look good no matter what I do to it. She was really nice and down to earth too! I would recommend her to anyone with curls!

Reviewed on 07.18.10