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Chicago, IL 60626

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Stylist: Kenitra (Kenya)

I waited a week to write this review, because I wanted it to be fair, and honest, and I wanted to have the opportunity to live with this cut for a while before making my final judgement. I went in for a haircut for my 38th birthday, 6/20. I had stalked this salon's website for over a year. I read many reviews for the salon and stylists, and viewed many pictures on Facebook and instagram. I did my research. I had a birthday trip coming up, and waited until the last minute to schedule. My stylist preferences were Laneeta, Kelley, and Kenitra (Kenya) based on my research. Kenitra was the only one with openings prior to my trip. I was okay with Kenitra, a Jr. stylist, because I had had curly cuts before, didn't want anything major, and she had good reviews and pics. I wanted to keep my length, but wanted some shape. I have thin, fine curly hair, ranging from 3a-3c, borderline 4a (a wide variety). Due to this variety, my hair grows somewhat choppy, with uneven layers, especially in the back. For my appointment, I wore my hair in it's natural state, with little product. I explained that I had massive shrinkage, but usually stretch my hair. I brought pictures of the shape I was going for, and explained that I wanted to keep the length, but wanted a better shape and more volume. I know that achieving volume is difficult for me, because of my hair density, and I stated this to her. Looking at my pics, she said, "We can do this" (i.e. give me more volume up top). She then begins to trim, and trim my dry hair. Some individual curls were cut, and in other areas, about an inch wide section at a time. Again, I've had this type of cut done before, and it didn't appear that she was trimming a lot of hair. She then washes, conditions, and rinses, etc. I sit under the dryer and she then blow dries my hair. When finished, I admit, the back of my hair looked a lot less choppy, but it was drastically shorter. I briefly viewed my hair in the mirror, and told her the back looked better than before. I was somewhat upset at the rest of the cut, so didn't try to get a good look at it. I just wanted to leave. There was no sense in complaining, because she couldn't put my hair back on my head. I paid, and tipped, because I believe that she really tried. When I got home, and looked at the cut, I was utterly disappointed. The hair on the left side is about 2 inches longer than the right side. The hair in the back is extremely shorter. My length was NOT retained. I previously had mid-back length hair when straightened, it's now bra strap length at best straightened. I can barely put my hair in a ponytail. I have tried working with the cut, and being that I have never had hair this short in my life, except as a young child, I have no idea what to do with it. I wanted everything to go well, and I was optimistic, but I'm reluctant to try this salon again. Not the best choice for a birthday present to myself.

Reviewed on 06.27.17

Stylist: Lisa Marie

I came in to Cally's to get the big chop and Lisa Marie gave me one of the best cuts i've ever had!!! I was a bit nervous to lose all that hair, but she made me feel relaxed right away, and the whole experience was just fun and exciting. Great salon, friendly people, great vibe, and reasonable prices-definitely recommend!!!

Reviewed on 05.05.17

Stylist: Cally

Cally was awesome! Talking to me every step of the way, explaining what she was doing and why.  My curls are super cute and bouncy now. This is the place to go if you are in the Chicago area and have curls!

Reviewed on 07.29.15

Stylist: Betty

I had been getting haircuts in NYC for the past 5 years or so with the Devachan salon and was back in Chicago briefly so I thought I would give this place a try. Betty was very friendly but didn't really take the time to shape my hair, she just took length off the bottom which i wanted and didn't give layers to the top to balance anything out. I had gotten so used to trusting my stylist in NYC and this place had gotten good reviews I didn't think to question it too much, but after a few days I had the triangle shape nobody wants, I came back in to see if she could add layers but she still didn't get it and it still looks pretty uneven and crappy. I haven't been this disappointed in a haircut since I was getting traditional cuts. I'm going somewhere else to get it fixed

Reviewed on 06.17.15

Stylist: Laneeta

I have very tightly curly hair and had been searching for a curly hairstylist to cut my hair for some time and came across a review for Laneeta Page at Curls and Company salon. She is Deva Cut trained and my first visit to her was in July of 2013. I was really satisfied with the short curly bob cut she gave me. Then in March 2014 I went back and asked her to give me an even shorter bob cut. I love this cut even more! If you have tightly curly 3c/4a hair, live in Chicago and are looking for someone who knows how to cut your natural hair, I would highly recommend Laneeta!

Reviewed on 04.14.14

Stylist: Cally

I've had a very hard time finding a stylist in the Chicago area. I've been to several salons who offer the "devacut" only to find that they don't really offter it at all. Each time they wash it with shampoo, comb it with a fine tooth comb, and cut it wet. Curl's and Company is the real deal! My hair has never looked better. It was cut dry (using the Devacut method), cowashed and styled, dried under a hood, and cut dry again. I have to take a bus and a train to get there but it is well worth it. I will be a loyal customer for life. Calling all Chicago curly girls! Get your beautiful heads down to Curls and Company

Reviewed on 12.03.12

Stylist: Betty

I loved Betty! She was very nice and very knowledgable about curls! She took me step by step through the cut and style. She even gave a sample of the Deva Curl gel. I made an appointment to come back!

Reviewed on 07.18.11

Stylist: Cally

Cally is a fabulous curly stylist! She takes the time to teach her clients how to work with their curls. Cally is always open to new ideas and knows that the same products and styling methods do not work for everybody. The salon really reflects Cally's personality - laid back and funky! Cally and her staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming and there is always something intersting to see there.

Reviewed on 12.18.10

Stylist: Cally

I love Cally! I usually only need about 2 haircuts a year because she does such a great job with my naturally curly/waavy hair. The salon is hip but comfy and right off the Howard redline stop with ample parking if you drive. Cally clearly really cares about her customers and has a thorough knowledge of curl woes. Check her out!

Reviewed on 09.29.10

Stylist: Cally

Cally, formerly of Toujours Salon has opened a new curly-friendly salon in Roger's Park! She's Deva trained and is sensitive to those who are CG. She's gotten mixed reviews here, but I love her and always get fabulous curly cuts from her.

Reviewed on 07.19.10