Alter Ego Hair Salon & Blow Dry Bar

119 E Hargett St #2
Charlotte, NC 27601
(919) 832-6239

User Reviews

Stylist: Nicole

Nicole is extremely condescending, rude and and doesn't even listen to the client and their wishes. Her hair cuts are blah with no spark or style. I even went back 2 more time to give her a second chance!! Considering how expensive it is, the cut it was a waste of money. On top of that I took my young daughter to get her hair cut and turns out she hates KIDS!!! Also gave me one of the worst hair color treatments I'd ever had. Brassy and too much red. I will never go back! They did me a favor because now I've found this wonderful website!

Reviewed on 06.28.12

Stylist: Ty

This was my first Ouidad experience. I was more than pleased with the knowledge that Ty shared regarding the Ouidad process from the deep treatment to the cut and at home care. I did do my research prior to the appointment and came with questions ready. He answered them and then some. He put my mind at ease and I knew I had come to the right place for me to finally get a handle on my curls and truly appreciate them! The rest of the staff at Alter Ego was incredibly hospitable and friendly. I will definately be recommending them to all of my curly friends and even those that just need a relaxing day away!!

Reviewed on 04.06.11

Stylist: Ty

I was so disappointed with this cut! The stylist was dismissive of my wishes. The salon felt cold and sterile. The cut was really expensive. The worst part was that it looked just like the $20 haircuts I used to get in college! I will never go to this salon again, and to anyone who is considering it, my advice would be to run!

Reviewed on 02.11.11

Stylist: Nicole

It's been awhile since I've gone to Nicole and that is only because the Ouidad cut combined with the conditioning treatment I always get is $150 (and then add a tip) so it's a pricey haircut. It's hard to always be able to afford to go. I had initially gone to their salon in Pineville in 2005 and Nicole cut my hair (I believe that particular location has since closed). I went back two more times and had Nicole cut my hair. The very last time I went a little over a year ago I had someone else cut my hair because Nicole was so booked up and I was moving out of state. While I was please with the other young lady, all in all I prefer Nicole. She completely explained the Ouidad curve and slice technique and how to wash your hair, apply product and style (as did the other stylist). My curls are always absolutely gorgeous when I step out of the salon. I don't feel like I need to rush home and restyle my hair myself or stick it up in a ponytail when I get in the car. I absolutely love the Ouidad technique for my curls and the products. It's also fairly easy for me to do myself with the Ouidad products. While I don't use all of them all of the time I won't go without the Tress Effects styling gel. I always get compliments on my curls. So until I can afford to go back to Nicole I will go to my hometown stylist since I have now moved back to NC, she does a decent cut for curly hair, her styling for my hair turns out like an afro (she touches it too much) but it's what I can afford at $30. I wish Ouidad salons would come down on their prices a bit.

Reviewed on 01.22.11

Stylist: Nichole

I was told that this person was a "certified Ouidad specialist". All I can say is, this is the WORST haircut I have EVER had. Completely uneven, impossible to manage--and just a BAD cut. What's more, when I went for a consult they talked on and on about the deep conditioning and Ouidad cut, and when I asked the price was told it was $105. Apparently they purposely omit that the deep treatment is NOT included in the quote. So beware: the real cost of the deep conditioning--which you could do in your own home---is an additional $55. Biggest mistake to go here, it will take months to grow out.

Reviewed on 08.03.10

Stylist: Nichole

Let the buyer beware! This carve and slice method they did was terrible! I am sure ouidad in NY does a great job, but my hair looks like a nest! PLUS they went on and on about getting a treatment with the cut and at $105 I thought very pricey for a ten minute carve and slice--however, I was wrong--when I got to the checkout it was $160!!!!! I told them they never quoted me an additional charge for the treatment and their customer service was TERRIBLE--and I would never ever go here again--what a bad experience to pay that much for a haircut and have it look awful. They purposefully miscommunicate about the pricing by using a script i.e, 'With your first haircut we recommend a deep conditioning..." and when you ask the price they said $105 and make it sound like that includes the haircut. When I asked owner why she didn't tell me it was a separate charge she said "Our clients are offended when we itemize" Hmmm, have you ever been offended knowing the price of a service before you check out and get sticker shock? Find another hair salon.

Reviewed on 07.21.10