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Stylist: Tammura Adreon

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

Tammura RULES curls! Read the other reviews for her story - suffice it for me to say that I brought her a picture, she reproduced it perfectly, just exactly like I wanted it, and I left feeling thrilled with my new style, and fast. Curlies in Murfreesboro (or the MidTN area, if you're willing to drive), if you're looking for someone who GETS your curls, give Tammura a call or make an appointment on the website. You will not be disappointed!

Stylist: Tammura Adreon

Just want to say, first - sorry for the double-review, that makes me feel silly! ;) I also wanted to note that I recently had my 2nd cut with Tammura, and I swear, it was even better than the first! I'm very happy with my hair, and get compliments on it every single day. :)

Stylist: Tammura Adreon

I just had my first appointment with this great stylist. She has curly hair, follows a CG routine, and cuts curls dry, using the curl-by-curl method. She's familiar with both the Curly Girl method info from the book and the techniques from Tiffany Anderson's e-book. I highly recommend Tammura to anyone looking for a CG-friendly stylist in Middle Tennessee! Only the first day and haven't yet tried styling the results myself, but this is possibly the best cut I've ever had! :)

Stylist: Tammura Adreon

I had my first cut with Tammura today. I found this shop on the Deva Concepts web site as a retailer and took a chance that this meant they would be curl friendly and made an appointment with Tammura, since their website says she's 'a genius with curls'. That's not an over-statment at all! While she's not Deva trained, Tammura is a curly girl herself, follows the CG method in caring for her own hair. After meeting and speaking at length with Loraine Massey at a hair show, she adopted the curl-by-curl dry cutting method for her curly clients, and I'm here to say that it certainly seems like the best cut I've ever had! Tammura is great, and affordable, too - highly recommend! Note: She only works one Saturday every few months, so you need to be able to make an appointment during the week with her.