The Workshop

1150 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT 06511

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Stylist: Dickie

Until I met Dick, hairdressers used blow dry my curly, frizzy hair (and I don't need to tell anybody with frizzy hair what a disaster that is!) Either that, or straighten it, which was great until I got back to my house and didn't have the time or the energy to straighten it again. Then I found Dick and DevaCurl, and for the first time my hair was cut dry, so not only could I see what my haircut would look like, but it also still looks good outside of the salon! My hair has never looked better thanks to the combination of good haircut and products specially geared toward curly hair. After reading some other reviews I also want to add that I like my hair long and say so, and Dick respects that. He and Diane are both welcoming and professional. I have been going to the Workshop and using DevCurl products for over seven years now. This is definitely the place to go for anyone who wants to bring out the best in their curly hair!!

Reviewed on 12.22.16

Stylist: Dick Ferrialo

I was nervous going into this haircut because it had been so long since I had cut my hair. The stylist was a crazy older gentleman who does what he wants. I LOVE my haircut! I went from hair down to my waist that was a frizzy mess to shoulder length bouncy curls. I would definitely go back. He knows his curls.

Reviewed on 12.23.12

Stylist: Dickie

Whatever you do, stay away from this place! Worst haircut I have ever received -- and I'm a 3B curly, so I have gotten some poodley haircuts in my life. Dickie is a maniac. After I told him what I wanted, he just kind of randomly started cutting, jabbing the scissors around like an actual insane person. What he gave me was a mullet when I asked for a trim. It's taken me a year and a half to grow my hair back to relative attractiveness -- it's going to be another year before all the "layers" he cut are long enough to have my hair be simply long again. DO NOT GO to this terrible place. Luvena Leslie is a five minute walk away, and you can get an amazing curly cut there for the same price!

Reviewed on 07.08.12

Stylist: Dick and Nancy

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dicky! I have never been loyal to a stylist before Dicky. My hair was quite short when I found him seven years ago, I was getting it cut once a month. EVERY time I left the salon I LOVED my hair! One year after finding him I moved to San Fransisco Bay. Still I will not let anyone touch my hair except Dicky! As a result my hair has grown out because I can only make it back to New Haven once or twice a year. Long or short my hair looks and feels amazing... a true Artist!

Reviewed on 06.13.12

Stylist: Dickie

Dickie took my badly damaged hair and with Deva Curl products, turned it into fabulous curls! I thought my curls were lost... The last salon said " well we can cut that dry piece out" can you believe that was an option!! Diane did an incredible job making my hair, which was about 5 shades one warm wonderful color and my hair feels great! Imagine curly hair feeling great! LOVE THEM!!

Reviewed on 05.01.12

Stylist: Diane

I love this place! I didn't know about Deva care until I started getting my hair done by Dickie and Diane. Instead of a tangled, frizzy mess, I have healthy curls! Diane is an artist with color; it may be tinted, but my hair color looks natural and pretty (people don't know I had gray hair these days...) Some people say their hair is cut too short, but for me, since my hair started curling up naturally instead of frizzing, it seemed much shorter at first. Have patience! It's going to look SO much better! It's right in the Yale Rep part of New Haven; lots of shopping and places to eat to show off your new 'do!

Reviewed on 03.23.12

Stylist: Dickie

wow, this place was my first experience on a dry cut ( deva cut) actually, the whole experience was new to me. I can't say I was completely happy with the cut, maybe I was overwhelmed especially on the amount of money I 've spent but one thing i can say, is he is very snippy.. meaning he loves that scissor - I told him I love my hair long and it was almost like saying nada... just kept talking about some stories.. he was making up, obviously as comic relief while he kept snapping away, saying, you'll love it, you'll look gorgeous ... who doesn't want to hear that. He did tell me there was a spanish girl who handles more of my hair type. Not something you'll want to hear on your first experience there considering he was the only one there! AGH! I never went back...

Reviewed on 06.03.11

Stylist: Dickie

Having survived the "Flock of Seagulls," The "Cindi Lauper" the "tail" frostings, foils, tints, glosses and $300 triple processes, I finally got real and got buzzed into the "Workshop!" Dickie is a straight shooter, talker, and amazing stylist. Working like Edward Scissor Hands, I finally had a curly cut by a pro. I never have been "nervous" about a haircut or color, but to see all that hair flying, I did wince a few times. Simple tips on care, a few products purchased (never pushed upon to buy), I left with the best haircut/style of my hair life! Through a few good stories, laughs and honest truths about the state of my hair "don't," I left hopeful for the upcoming color. A Sunday appointment? WOW a commuters dream come true! I love the way Diane colored and cared for my curls on my second visit. I left feeling like my hair suited my lifestyle. Natural, easy to care for and fun. I can't wait for my next appointment!

Reviewed on 05.16.10

Stylist: Dickie

I went to the Workshop about 10 days ago for my first foray into the curly world. I love Dickie. I wish I had taken a "before" headshot so I could show you all what that man did with the hot mess that used to be my hair. It looks fabulous now; people stop in my office doorway and just stare. At least a dozen people have asked for the name of the salon who could tame my head of curls. I met Nancy and liked her very much but haven't had her cut yet, obviously. If you are hesitant...DON'T BE. You will be so pleased with the Workshop.

Reviewed on 05.03.10

Stylist: Dickie

As much as I love the man, he doesn't listen to me. I tell him I want to grow out my hair, but he chops it off. He's a little snip happy. Otherwise, he does a great job and he uses DevaCurl.

Reviewed on 03.08.10

Stylist: Dickie

I was very excited to finally have my haircut by someone who understands curly hair. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. A characteristic of a good salon is people who listen to what you like and what you hope for your hair. I didn't feel that Dickie listened to me at all. I did not want my hair short and he chopped it. My haircut was very outdated and made me look much older. The amount of product used in my hair was gross! It felt greasy and weighed down. I had to go to my usual guy and have him fix my cut to update it. He was shocked at how uneven it was! I do not recommend this salon. Save your money.

Reviewed on 09.14.09

Stylist: Nancy

My haircut is amazing! I liked my curls before, but now they have little to no frizz. Nancy demonstrated how to care for my hair every morning so that I can actually recreate the "salon look." I am very happy with my hair and I would recommend The Workshop (and DevaCurl products) to everyone!

Reviewed on 04.15.09

Stylist: Dickie and Jessica

Let me preface this review by saying how great this salon is!! I have curly hair that has been living in a constant pony tail for most of my adult life. I cant tell you how many times Ive walked out of a salon in tears from yet another BAD haircut. I was so nervous when I first called the salon and Dickie instantly put my fears at bay. Once I arrived, he listened to what I wanted to do and offerred suggestions to complement what I had chosen for my hair cut. Although I was still a bit nervous, I was confident that Dickie would take care of me. Well, let me tell you, for the first time in my life (no joke) I absolutely love my hair. It will never see an elastic band or scrunchie again. The Devacurl product line is amazing and I will forever be a customer. From the bottom of my heart I thank both Dickie and Jess for this new found love of my hair and would give them both my highest recommendations!!

Reviewed on 11.18.08

Stylist: Nancy

I went to The Workshop based on reviews on this site. My goal was to go natural and get all color out of my hair and go gray. I figured I wouldn't like the cut so much, but it would be a necessary evil. I was so wrong!! Nancy did a great job! I love the cut, I love my gray and I have gotten so many compliments! I drive two hours to get there, but it's definitely worth the trip.

Reviewed on 07.01.08

Stylist: Nancy

I love my cut! I meant to post this a while ago, but she did a great job on my hair. I just started with CG and she really helped me with a good curly cut. I will be going back this month and would def. recommend her.

Reviewed on 06.06.08

Stylist: Dickie

My haircut was ok, not the best or the worst.

Reviewed on 04.10.08

Stylist: Dick and Nancy

I was introduced to this salon when my daughter was hunting for an apartment in New Haven. I live in the Philadelphia area, but close to home, I never was able to find a hairdresser who cut and styled my hair as well as Dick and Nancy. Ever since, I've been making the trip from Philadelphia to New Haven every few months to get my curly hair cut and styled. My daughter also is a happy customer. I recommend this salon highly.

Reviewed on 01.03.08

Stylist: Dick Ferrialo

Absolutely the best experience -- haircut par excellence. Dick introduced me to the Deva products over 2 years ago and now that's all I use. This salon can't give a bad haircut or color. Ask any client and you'll get a rave review. Thanks Dick.

Reviewed on 12.07.07

Stylist: Dick Ferriulo & Nancy

This place is great, I get the best haircuts and I never have to worry, they give me exactly what I want and they are great with curly hair as well as any other type, I have wavy hair but my mom has very curly hair so I have seen them do wonderfully with both. Its a small friendly environment, and its not too expensive.

Reviewed on 08.26.07

Stylist: Gaetano

Hello fellow curly girls! I have got to sing the praises of this place- I went from fighting a frizzy mess to having a happy head of curls for the first time in my life! He and his new stylist Nancy (she's great, too) were both trained by Lorraine Massey- DevaChan founder and author of Curly Girl- the book for curly girls- a must buy if you don't already have it! Dickie brought DevaChan styling and products to the Elm City- the first, and still the best, place for curly hair care in New Haven! cheers!

Reviewed on 08.08.07