Studio 3-Six

811 Fox Lane
Waterford, WI 53185

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Stylist: Mary

As of May 2011 this number has been disconnected.

Reviewed on 05.24.11

Stylist: Mary

She's WONDERFUL! She cut and styled my mom's hair a few weeks back when Mom's original stylist had a last minute emergency. Mom called immediately after she left the salon and said, "I met your hair twin! YOU HAVE TO GO SEE MARY!!!" Mary indeed, has very similar hair to me. Add to that, she's had 4 kiddos, has nursed them, and knows what that does to your hair (I'm nursing my second baby now). She knew how I felt about the struggles with getting the curl back, fighting frizz, having scary haircuts, haircare, everything. Now, I have to admit, I did have a moment of, "Oh this the right choice?" when she started trimming my hair, quickly forming ringlets, then trimming them with a scissors AND a razor type thing (I've never seen it before - it wasn't the straight razor I've seen in the past). But almost a week and a half later, with 90 plus heat and an insanely high dewpoint, I'll be the first to scream from the rooftop how perfect my hair is. SEE MARY! If you live in Waterford or near us, SEE HER! You won't regret it. And seriously, I'd pay four times what I really paid for a cut like this - and I only paid $25, including tip!

Reviewed on 07.26.10