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Bethesda, MD 20814

User Reviews

Stylist: Jackie

Jackie is gifted with natural curls. She cut my hair like a sculptor to enhance my curls in such a manner to create a sculptural curl pattern. Jackie has such a kind, gentle nature and was the most patient and knowledgeable hair stylist for curly hair I have ever been to. She listened to me with my hair concerns and I trusted her to cut my hair the way she thought best. Jackie is amazing! In addition, Jackie has a fantastic personality which made the entire experience delightful! She knows curly hair and I feel fantastic with my Jackie Haircut of sculptural curls! I have found my new Hair Stylist! In addition; the private room adds to the experience which provides comfort and peace. Overall; Jackie rocks!...Esther

Reviewed on 07.28.10

Stylist: Jackie

I went to Jackie at Lux because of the comments here and she is definitely as good as described. This is my best-ever curly haircut. My curls are just past shoulder length and are layered in a pretty, flattering shape that lets them do their thing happily. I have never been so happy to have curly hair! Now I think straight hair looks kind of boring. My new attitude is thanks to having a cut that behaves. I just wash it, work in some conditioner and gel and let it dry without disturbing it and it turns out great! Jackie listens to what you say you want (I also brought pictures of what I want and don't want since that's even clearer). She also takes time to get it right; you don't feel rushed. She cuts it wet because she says dry haircutting is too dependent on the different conditions under which hair might have dried, but she watches how it's drying while she cuts it and touches up the shape at the end of the haircut. i was really impressed with her approach and the results.

Reviewed on 03.24.09

Stylist: Jackie

I found Jackie off of and went to her because of her great reputation. I hadn't been cut or colored in over a year due to problems finding the right stylist. She did a fantastic job - in fact - I have never felt so happy coming out of a salon! Both the cut and color are fabulous. Not only is she talented, but she has a wonderful personality too. She also cut my very fine straight-haired girlfriend, with terrific results. I hope remain a client of hers for a very long time.

Reviewed on 03.07.08

Stylist: Jackie

I went to Jackie based on her reviews on this website and I am very happy with my haircut. I was a little late but she was so understanding and still took her time explaining what she was going to do and gave helpful tips. I had an aweful experience with a relaxer and had to cut my hair very short about 2 years ago. Well it grew out and some parts were uneven. Needless to say, I am growing my hair long and probably won't go back for a while but I will def. go back to Jackie when I need a trim.

Reviewed on 09.13.07

Stylist: Joanna

I really wanted to like Joanna. She's patient & takes her time, she is in a convenient location but one either gets it or doesnt. Unfortunatley, despite reading the many comments on this website, I was not happy with Joanna. Her cuts are inconsistent & the layers did not blend. The cut i recieved always seemed to be the same blunt type of cut. Joanna was no different than the many other 'non curly hair' stylists. I"m giving demian salon in adams morgan a go. They specialize in the curly girl technique & charge the same prices as Joanna at Lux. Although Adams Morgan is not as convenient for me, Demian salon has long hours on saturday & sunday.

Reviewed on 09.12.07

Stylist: Joanna

Went there upon recommendation from this site and I was unimpressed. My haircut was average if anything and unlike many of the experiences listed here she seemed as if she was in a hurry to leave for the day and spent little time inquiring about my hair. For almost $100 for just a haircut I would have expected far more from the cut and the stylist.

Reviewed on 02.06.07

Stylist: Joanna

Waste of money. Barely cut , I was asking for layers but didn't look any different after cut. As far as she gives a lot of advice, in my case she barely talk and just offer advice in order to sell the product that she uses. Please understand it is my personal opinion but sometimes it counts for other people. I read just very possitve comments about her and was surprised at the results and the price too 75 dollars .

Reviewed on 01.21.07

Stylist: Joanna Manix

I've been going to Joanna for years-and if you saw her own hair, you'd know why. It's insanely curly, yet she gets it long and flowing. Magic! My hair's nothing like hers, but it's extremely thick and wavy, and she highlights it fantastically-it looks totally naturally. Now that I have grey coming into my dark blonde hair, she's making that evaporate as well. She's in downtown Bethesda, Her rates are extremely resonable, and she's now working on her own in a salon for individual proprieters. I've seen her through 3 salons, and she's doing wonderfully. No surprise!

Reviewed on 11.05.06