The Secret Garden Spa

702 Forest Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10310

User Reviews

Stylist: Lisa

Nice young styllist that listened and gave great advice . I have always embraced my curls. I did the Deva Cut and a glaze. When it came to styling I told her I wanted really low maintenance. Instead of trying to sell me on the Deva Curl, which I am not a big fan of, she went through some easy steps that I had NO IDEA would make styling so easy with great results. Definitely going back.

Reviewed on 04.01.12

Stylist: Lisa

My name is Sara. My sister and I have both seen a complete turn around in our curls. I was skeptical at first, but seeing my sisters hair do a complete turn around led me in the direction of the DEVA cut. I am so grateful for Lisa and what she has done for our hair.

Reviewed on 08.20.11

Stylist: Lisa

Lisa was phenomenal. My hair has been dead for almost 10 years and not hydrated. Lisa not only did an amazing job with the Deva cut, but she took time to show me exactly what I should each time I do my hair. I am so grateful for my new hair. It is a complete revitalization. I never want to get another hair cut ever again! Thanks Lisa! You're the best!

Reviewed on 03.12.11

Stylist: Lisa

My hair is extremely difficult, it always has been. It got to the point where I wore my hair in a bun for about 15 years. I did chemical relaxers that destroyed my hair each time. After the birth of my son, my hair broke off. It was horrible. When I moved back to Staten Island I went to a stylist who made me look like "Side Show Bob”. I left that salon in tears. My friends were all raving about the DEVA cut. So I took a shot. When I walked into the Secret Garden Salon Lisa told me that the Deva cut was made for hair like mine. My first Deva cut was in the summer of 2009. It took me 30 years to find a stylist who could make my hair look good and a stylist that I wanted to keep going to. I actually get compliments on my hair now and I almost never wear it up anymore. My hair has made a complete transformation over the last two years; it is healthy, shiny and extremely easy to manage. I wear my hair straight these days and no one would ever guess that I have curly hair, I even shock some of the shampoo girls at the salon when they start to wash my hair. Lisa is a phenomenal stylist, she is friendly and honest. Almost everyone in my family now goes to Lisa. I would suggest her to anyone that asks and I have. She is great with kids, my son has very curly hair too and Lisa does any amazing job with him as well as with my nieces and nephew. If you are in Staten Island and you have curly hair, you NEED to visit Lisa at the Secret Garden Salon, you will not leave disappointed.

Reviewed on 02.26.11

Stylist: Lisa

This afternoon, after one month of doing the BC by myself, I finally went for a professional shape/up trim. I went here after reading another review by Rosie. Well, she was right!Lisa was fantastic, patient and knowledgeable about my Kinky -Curly hair type. She was thorough and explained to me exactly how to care for my natural hair. The customer service at salon in general was great and the atmosphere makes you feel welcome. I am so happy I have a good quality place and stylist to go to for my hair care locally. Highly recommended

Reviewed on 12.30.10

Stylist: Lisa

I was a bit skeptical about going to an unknown salon for my Big Chop but I needed to find one close to home that wouldn't be too much of an inconvenience to get to. I haven't seen any salons in Staten Island reviewed on any curly forums so I was scared BUT I decided to be a guinea pig. Well, I'm ONE HAPPY PIG! Lisa was waiting for me when I arrived. She is a young, cute, fun, curly girl herself. She was trained in the Deva method and the salon sells all the products. In fact, all the stylists at the salon were trained in the Deva method. Lisa took about 15 minutes to study my hair. I had been transitioning for 7 months and my hair was stringy and different textures everywhere. Not to mention that when I showed up it was still hard from my gel. Lisa decided to cut my hair wet. She used all the Deva products on my hair. After washing it, she set to work. My 12-yr-old daughter was taking a lot of pictures and documenting the whole event and Lisa was sweet and funny and patient with the picture-taking. After cutting off all my hair, she washed it again and styled it using AnGell. During the entire time I was there, Lisa would explain what I had to do on a daily and weekly basis to get my hair in the best shape and how to care for and style my new TWA. When I looked in the mirror for the first time afterwards, I was soooo happy, I teared up! I kept thanking her and hugged her (she probably thought I was nuts). I gave her a 20% tip because I think she ROCKED those scissors. I plan to be back for trims as I go along my hair journey.

Reviewed on 08.03.10