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Stylist: Stacy

I have heard many bad comments about one Mastercuts or another in my lifetime, but this one doesn't sit among those. My hair is extremely curly, probably close to kinky altho I've a mixture of textures. My hair also has been thin since I turned 16. When I met Stacy, she seemed to be a great person to make friends with. How unaware I was to what a great connection I had made. I went to see her over a year ago, to see if she could help me get a better style for my hair. Stacy didn't push any styles that I did not like, but at the same time if there was one I picked out that didn't fit my hair she'd tell me. Once I found a cut that I liked and she agreed would work for me, she'd get to work. And let me tell you, she does NOT disappoint! Even when a couple months ago I tried finding a place closer to home and at the same price, and the "stylist" I went to butchered my hair not once but twice (Stacy called it a mullet--no joke), I went back to Stacy and we looked over some cuts that would fix my hair. And we found a beautiful one. I didn't like it being so short at first; I'm one who enjoys my length. But the shorter cut fixed the chop-job and it's actually done better on my hair in terms of allowing a bit of thickness. So, anyone who has any type of curly hair, or any type of hai for that matter, this Mastercuts is highly recommmended. Curly girls, hit Stacy up because from what I've seen she's the one who takes on most of the curly clients.