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Stylist: neel

I have had amazing haircuts in my life, but believe me, Neel at Cherry Bomb made a TERRIFIC, AMAZING, EXCEPTIONAL work!!!! I'm a natural curly hair girl and I have been living in Australia for over 5 years and always had issues with haircuts... Well, look no further, Neel is just DA CURLY HAIR GOD!!! Plus the salon has great atmosphere, lovely dogs and of course, Neel! :) PLEASE NOTE: Neel doesn't work at Lure Salon anymore as the place has been knocked down. You can find him in a great salon called Cherry Bomb: 42 Smith Street, Collingwood. VIC. (03) 9417 2770. Neel also is in Facebook:

Reviewed on 12.01.11

Stylist: neel

hi there..this is neel. i don't work at lure anymore as the building has been sold and they are going to knock it down. i am now going to be working at CHERRY BOMB hair which is at 42 smith street. Collingwood VIC,3066 the telephone is 9417 2770. i will mainly be working thursday ,friday and saturday but will do the odd wednesday if needed to. you couldn't find anyone else who likes curly hair as much as me.i would say 60% of my clients have curly hair. i cut it dry after washing and twisting it and then diffusing's to be worn as curly hair only. (that way i can see what the cut will look like) .the salon used Moroccan oil curly hair cream (which i love) i also have a neel hair facebook page if you need to ask me any questions beforehand. cheers neel. x

Reviewed on 09.14.11

Stylist: neel

i had my hair coloured with neel at lure salon in fitzroy last week and i love the natural foils that i recieved because in the past i find that i don't like the way hairdressers foil my hair.they foil it for straight hair and it doesn't work for me. i much prefer chunkier foils. neel told me that he had a lot of women come in from finding him online.i have never been so happy with my hair.He cut's it dry and gave me lot's of tips on how to look after it.i won't ever let anyone ever cut my hair wet again.

Reviewed on 04.12.11

Stylist: neel

Got my haircut here last week- Jan 2011. Awesome salon- funky 50s/ 60s vibe... Awesome stylist- Neel was nice, funny, down-to-earth and really passionate about the cut and about curls! He has loads of great tips and a great way to dry the curls that I hadn't tried before. I would definitely recommend him and go back myself!

Reviewed on 01.28.11

Stylist: Neel

My curly hair always annoyed me and I never knew what to do with it, so I just wore it up in a little bun every day. Every time I'd been to a hairdresser they'd never known what to do with it so I's pretty much given up all hope on my hair. I decided to do some research and came across this hair dresser and decided I would give it one last try and thank god I did! He was amazing and never have I been to happy with a haircut in my life! He actually understood my hair and knew what to do with it and how I could get the best out of it. He LOVES curly hair and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has curly hair!

Reviewed on 11.06.10

Stylist: neel

i have recently (july 2010) had my hair cut and after getting some terrible cuts i have finally found someone who understands curly hair. i felt like crying after as i have never left a salon before and truly loved what someone had done. he loves curly hair and always goes on about it.he only cuts curly hair to be worn as curly. he calls himself the curly hair jedi..i was dubious at first but i think that he is.i am going to be telling anyone with curly hair about him.

Reviewed on 08.04.10