Xclusive Hair Designs & Hair Loss Clinic

324 Village Road
# A
Leland, NC 28451

User Reviews

Stylist: Chineta Robinson

She only styles the hair. She has an assistance that washes and detangles however her assistance lacks knowledge needed to detangle and care or natural hair. My daughter went there. Her strains are fine and and her hair is long and tangles easy. I looked over to see her crying and why? Because this IDIOT is trying to comb her type 4b natural with a rat tail comb!!! come on!!! She ripped her hair out. Then Chineta comes in saying how she lost so much hair because I'm using the WRONG products for the childs hair type. NO it came out b/c your assistance doesn't now now to properly detangle natural hair. I have been finger detangling her hair for 3 yrs now and Have prided myself on the lenght retention. She acts like the customer knows nothing about natural hair. I know enough to know you can't blow dry hair that is not detangled first! As a natural hair salon its not logical to try to detangle Long midback length hair in 20-30 minutes. I will continue to do our hair at home! Now if you have a perm and are transitioning they seem to do a good job on permed hair but i was not impressed with the services nor the hair style. I did not like her attitude. He

Reviewed on 11.03.12

Stylist: Anonymous

She has an interesting plan where you pay for a months services in advance, otherwise, you pay $70 for a wash and rollerset! Her services are horrible, she was extremely rough making my scalp burn during the wash, tore through my new growth with a small-toothed comb and allowed her 16 year old daughter to braid my hair which didn't last through the week. I went to her for 5 weeks and I will never go back!

Reviewed on 04.07.12

Stylist: Chineta Robinson

Providing Nail Hair Care, two strand twists, rod sets, braids. All Natural Products used. Also provides Hair Loss Clinic. Mrs. Robinson is a trained trichologist, specializing in scalp & hair disorders.

Reviewed on 08.04.10

Stylist: Chenita Robinson

Xclusive Hair Design does all types of hair but specializes in, naturally curly hair,natural black hair, transitioning to natural hair, and hair loss for all types of hair. This was the first salon I went to 5 years of letting my hair go natural. I actually have gone to 2 stylist during this period of time that made claims of being curl specialist but I left disappointed: mostly due to the stylist not being able to deal with hair in it's natural state. Of all salons in my area and the 3 that I went to this has been the only one that actually has backed up their claims: and didn't find it necessary to straighten my hair or blowout it in order to work with it. If you move to the Leland, NC and you're a curly head check them out. I have type 4b hair.

Reviewed on 07.24.10