Get Banged

1532 - 9th Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G 0T7

User Reviews

Stylist: Gillian

Been there twice.. the first time I had Gillian and she did a great job (agree with all the other positive comments)..However, the second time I came back she barely spoke to me and spent not even 3 minutes (I timed it) cutting bits of curls here and there and told the receptionist to style it for her. Needless to say the receptionist -not fault of her own- didnt know what she was doing, put tons of product on my hair and I left the place looking like Shirley Temple, not worth the high tag price for 3min of haircut and awful styling. Will never be back there.

Reviewed on 01.14.15

Stylist: Gillian

I have been going to Gillian for quite some time.  I find that the service is going down while the prices are consistently going up.  I've always received great haircuts for my loose curly hair, but find that I feel shoved to the side sometimes when getting hair died.  Overall, I've never been disappointed with my hair when I leave, but I think their prices are extremely high for the service you receive.  I have found myself a new salon.

Reviewed on 12.03.14

Stylist: Gillian

I have to agree with both negative posts below. I tried this place a few times, seeing a few different stylists, and will not go back. This was my experience: -As posted below, my dry cut was just "OK". -The only thing they do that is geared towards curly girls is doing dry cuts (and just "OK" ones at that). The products they carry and use arent made for curls, they both styled my hair at the end by pulling a section straight and wrapping it around their finger to create an artificial curl. They said it was because of the products they carry, that they have to style that way. It looked ridiculous and wasn't an accurate reflection of how their work affected my natural curl pattern. I washed it as soon as I got home (what a waste of time!) -They were rough when handling my hair/combing it. They didnt use enough conditioner at all (we need a lot!) -I wasnt happy with the color both times. I felt like they werent listening to what I was asking for. I could of gotten a better job done at a fraction of the price somewhere else. -Gillian (the owner) booked in other cuts during my appointment time and handed me off to someone else to tone and wash. If I'm paying that kind of money I want to feel like i'm receiving the attention I deserve! How can you be focused on me and my appointment when youre squeezing in as many cuts as you can during my time? I felt rushed and not important. - As someone else posted I found the salon to be completely unproffesional. I dont want to hear all about my hairdressers life problems. I'm there to relax and be pampered. I dont need to hear inappropriate details of your life, we're not friends I'm a paying customer. It doesnt make me feel any more comfortable to be bombarded with all of the details of your ex boyfriend. Focus on the clients! Engage with them and make them feel comfortable! In my opinion the cost does not reflect the services provided. I dont feel that they are a curly girl salon I think they just offer dry cuts. If i'm paying that kind of money I expect to leave feeling pampered, relaxed and impressed, and I was none of those things.

Reviewed on 06.18.14


I went to this salon based on the reviews here and unfortunately I was disappointed both visits. I find it extremely hard to get a decent hair cut in general but I had high hopes for Get Banged. The cut was OK, not the greatest but not terrible; it more or less worked. My biggest disappointment is in the business itself. If you are going to charge $90 a cut then I hope that you can improve on your parking situation and it’s a good idea to clear the snow and ice prior to opening your doors for business. I would also recommend not over booking; waiting 20-30 minutes for a cut without a chair is less than desirable. Having your friends come into the salon and swear over and over and over again is just plain completely disrespectful (thankfully my 12 year was not in the salon as was another client) All in all the cut was not terrible but not great. I will not be returning as I am most disappointed in the professionalism at this salon more than anything, the experience is not worth $90.00.

Reviewed on 04.08.14

Stylist: Gillian

I am a curly girl and new to Calgary. I had ++ anxiety when trying to find a new hair dresser as you curly girls can probably relate... it's a scary thing!! I did some research on line and it lead me to Gillian at Get Banged. I was SO relieved when I left the salon with GREAT hair!! She does such an amazing job and every time, I leave the salon more than satisfied. She cuts curly hair dry (the way it's supposed to be cut!), shaping each individual curl. Just fabulous. Don't think there's more that a curly girl could ask for!

Reviewed on 04.02.14

Stylist: Gillian

First I'd like to say that I don't mind the cut I got. It is just fine. Nothing mindblowing, but nothing horrible either. Although I don't feel it was worth the price. I could have gotten an almost identical cut from my local stylist. I went here as the reviews were great and even wavies were given dry cuts. I got a few snips done while dry, but as we'd decided on a bob, taking length off the back only, she said the majority of the cut would be wet to be precise. I felt rushed as they had called earlier and asked if I could come about an hour early for my appointment, I was more than happy to do that. But when I arrived the stylist was with another client and ran a bit over and then when it was time to style my cut the next client walked in the door and I feel like the diffusing was rushed and I walked out with very poofy hair, no definition at all. I rewet and styled when I got home and it turned out ok, but the back of my bob has quite a few pieces that are wacky and kick out to the sides, not so flattering, but I'm hoping as it grows it will be better. I will not be returning. I will stick with my local gal from now on where I pay 1/4 of the price.

Reviewed on 01.27.14

Stylist: Taryn

She took a few more inches off my hair than I had intended, but it looks so very nice now that I really don't mind. It is lovely, and it will grow out to be even more lovely thanks to her. She did a wonderful job.

Reviewed on 07.13.13

Stylist: Gillian

I would highly reccomend this salon to anyone and everyone! Gillian gave me a dry cut on my wavy hair - the first I have ever had. She cut the hair to give me volume and encourage the wave to form from the root as opposed to just above the ear as it was currently doing due to the weight of the hair. She was able to work with the existing layers that had been cut into my hair that were not working with the wave and gave me a great style without taking away any of the length. Get Banged uses only products that are sulfate, silicone and paraben free so very healthy and great for wavy/curly hair. Gillian also spent time showing me how to style using the diffuser and gave me several techniques for stubborn pieces. Overall the best experience I have had at a salon with a stylist that really takes the time to understand what you are looking for and understand the wave pattern & texture of the hair she is working with.

Reviewed on 01.28.13

Stylist: Lindsay

I brought my two girls (3 and 6) to get haircuts after reading the recommendations on this page. My six year old has very tight ringlets and my three year old looser ringlets and I have never found anyone who can properly cut their hair. Lindsay did a fantastic job cutting both of their hair and made it a very enjoyable experience for them, even putting in a little colour which they loved! I am so thankful that I found this place!!

Reviewed on 01.03.13

Stylist: Rebecca

I had my first dry cut with Rebecca about 5 months ago and it has since been amazing. She really understood curly hair, and I have never had a haircut grow out the way this one has. She spent extra time with me teaching me about updoes for curly hair and I can say that it was probably one of the best haircuts I've ever had.

Reviewed on 10.23.12

Stylist: Rebecca

Rebecca is amazing!! She made me feel so comfortable, we actually talked about my hair, my products, what I want to accomplish with it, and my daily routines before we started cutting. Dry cutting – something that most hairstylists will not try, and is so important to curly hair. She didn’t rub or tear my hair with the towel, and used a special comb just to separate some of the curls to take a look at the overall cut. My hair feels lovely and light and still has all the length. I have a new stylist and I will be recommending her to everyone I know with curly hair!

Reviewed on 03.29.12

Stylist: Taryn

So on reccomendation from this website I decided to call and make an appointment. Gillian was not available but being reassured by the receptionist on the phone that both Gilllian and Taryn are amazing at curly hair, I decided to book with Taryn. She did an amazing job, dry cutting and giving my curls movement and bounce like i have never experience!! Love Love Love my curls for the first time ever!!

Reviewed on 10.23.11

Stylist: Gillian

I have fine curly hair, but I have A LOT of hair. Gillian cut my hair dry, she thinned iut the bulj if my hair without taking off any length. When I ran my fingers thru my hair, I couldn't believe the difference. my layers were blended, not choppy. She even fixed a mess up from a year ago. I'm so happy that I found someone eho knows what they are doing with curly hair. I highly recommend Gillian.

Reviewed on 01.07.11

Stylist: Gillian

Just had my first haircut by Gillian, and by far it is the best cut I have EVER had! If you want to embrace your curls rather than struggle to tame them, look no further. Gillian is a true gem. :)

Reviewed on 08.27.10

Stylist: Gillian

Gillian is fabulous! She cut my curls DRY and it was the best cut I have ever had!

Reviewed on 08.13.10