World Exchange Plaza
90 George Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 7G1

User Reviews

Stylist: Stefania

I booked an appointment with this stylist after reading about her on CurlSalons.com. She is very sweet and very nice, but she is not a curl specialist. Actually, she was surprised when I suggested it. She had no idea how to handle my hair and began trembled when noticed how disastrous the cut was. She had cut many, many layers and I looked like a brown poodle. When we parted, I was crying and she was crying. I don’t think she wants to have to live up to the reputation of being a curl specialist. I strongly feel that the post from July 19th 2006 should be removed.

Reviewed on 01.05.08

Stylist: Stefania

She is really nice, understanding, and unpretentious even if the surroundings are totally pretentious/desperate housewife. Great curly hair cutter.

Reviewed on 07.19.06