Designer's Group Salon

3824 50th Street Suite F
Lubbock, TX 79413

User Reviews

Stylist: Hollie Williams

I loved the way Hollie Williams cut and colored my hair. I have very curly hair, and not everyone knows how to cut curly hair correctly, but she does an excellent job. She was very attentive to what I wanted. After going to a hair stylist who had messed up my hair when coloring it, Hollie was able to fix it and give me back my natural color. My curls have never been bouncier and looked prettier. If you are in the area, try her out! 

Reviewed on 11.08.14


It's so nice to find a salon in Lubbock that can cut curly hair. My only criticism is that I don't think any of the products are CG friendly.

Reviewed on 10.20.13

Stylist: Kimber Jama

Kimber gave me my 1st haircut in over 4 years a little over 3 months ago. Not just any cut either...I went from hair almost to my waist (wet) to hair above my shoulders (wet and dry). All told 15+ inches were cut off and donated to Locks of Love. Like all curly girls I've had some HORRIBLE hair cuts over the years (I once sported an Afro for 3 months), so I was worried about trying a short cut again. But my fears proved in vain. I LOVE my new short do...and Kimber too. I highly recommend both Designers Group and Kimber in particular for all hair types...but especially for us Curly Girls.

Reviewed on 03.14.12

Stylist: Kimber Jama

I have been searching for a stylist that could cut and style my thick frizzy hair> No one ever cut it right. I had no choice but to flatten it daily. Yesterday I had my first appointment with Kimber. She is now my curly hair goddess!!! She made my curls look so beautiful and soft. Thank you Kimber!!! You have changed my life (-:

Reviewed on 02.18.11

Stylist: Kimber Jama

I previously had been traveling six hours to Ft. Worth for my haircuts, which got expensive very quickly. That will not be necessary anymore, Kimber Jama at Designer's Group is a curlie herself. So she has the advantage of understand my hair and the products to avoid. I was very comfortable with her and really like my cut. So if you are a curly in the Lubbock area looking for a good cut give her a try. I am very pleased!!!

Reviewed on 08.17.10