3235 16th St
San Francisco, CA 94103

User Reviews

Stylist: Laura Kingston

I have moderately curly hair and have never ever been loyal to a stylist until Laura. I've had so many long layers cuts that ended up triangular and boring. I went to Laura because a bunch of friends did and they had great hair. After the very first time I was a loyal Laura customer and I have been seeing her for about two and a half years now. I like transformation, and Laura is very creative, so we have a lot of fun with our appointments. I give her my input (ideas, desired length, etc) but give her free rein. I've never had the same haircut and they have all been great, funky but still workable at my professional office. I didn't know curly hair was so flexible. My current cut just might be my favorite, but then I thought that last time too. Laura also has helped me learn to style my hair better and is an amazing colorist. We have gone platinum, bright red, and done crazy highlights in an assortment of colors. She knows how to use highlights in a way that uses the curls to their best effect. Laura is great and I feel like I look so much more hip than I actually am, now that I've been seeing her.

Reviewed on 08.17.10