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Stylist: Darlene

I too fell for the fancy "Carve and Slice" hype and made my appointment for a special curly do. I walked in with great expectations but walked out with my purse 10 pounds lighter, my hair 10 pounds heavier (with all the products used... not a good thing for fine curls) and a merely passable haircut. I was told that I wouldn't need a trim for at least 3-4 months however, within two months my hair looked absolutely ghastly. This salon and cut was a HUGE disappontment and I will never, ever go back. The good news...with this disaster in mind I can definitely recommend Patrick at Ultimate Image. He repaired the mess, provided me with products that truly work (at half the price) and talked me through every step of the way. I now have a beautiful, reproducible do that works! Thanks Patrick... I'll definitely be back!

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  3.27.06