Salon Nordine

7526-28 Old Linton Hall Rd
Gainesville, VA 20155

User Reviews

Stylist: Traci

After many years with another stylist listed here, I wanted a change. After some bad experiments, I found Traci at Salon Nordine. I really wasn't expecting great things, since she is not a curly hair specialist, but she has done absolutely amazing things with my 3a/b curly hair. I have had three or four hair cuts now with her, and every time I have been really excited about the haircut. She's really a great listener, and is the only person in years to really give me the cut I'm asking for. I bring pictures and actually end up with the right haircut - in the past, I could never really get the look I hoped for. I thought maybe it wasn't possible until Traci did my hair, and then for the first time I got those features that I'd been trying so hard to explain to hairdressers in the past. Just recently she gave me a style that I'd seen in a magazine, but thought just wasn't possible for me, since I'd asked for it so many times and never gotten it. I just can't express how happy I am with my hair! I do generally blow it dry straight (never liked my curls), but this latest cut I can actually wear curly or straight, and even thought it wasn't cut with that in mind, it actually looks good curly.

Reviewed on 08.20.10