Noel Rose

2631 North Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60614

User Reviews

Stylist: Rochelle Binik

I found Rochelle after calling Toujours salon and discovering that Cally had already left to open her salon. I booked with Rochelle because I REALLY needed a cut for a special event and Cally's new place was not open yet. I LOVED what Rochelle did with my hair. Normally I would get a Curly Girl cut-but Rochelle suggested a different kind of cut for my hair that would give me more lift and volume(my mane issue). It is called the STAR haircut and it is amazing. It gave me incredible lift on-top and lovely cascading EVENLY layered curls all the way down. Rochelle has recently moved to NOEL ROSE in Lakeview. Again she gave me an amazing cut and I got my color done this time and I love it. She really knows all kinds of techniques. I have sent 4 people to her and they have all loved their cuts.

Reviewed on 08.24.10