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Stylist: Patrick

I just had my 3rd haircut with Patrick yesterday. I am extremely surprised to see this other person disappointed with her layers. Patrick does WONDERFUL layers on my curls. He does cut some of the under layers shorter than the top but it ends up looking great! He really knows what he's doing and doesn't only use the same technique on everyone. He has taken several trainings and uses bits of everything he has learned to give you the cut that you want and that he knows will work best for you. I can't imagine going to anyone else ever again. The prices are completely reasonable, the salon is in a nice location with adequate parking, and everyone there is very nice, professional, and passionate about what they do. Don't go to any old salon and get a sawed-off looking cut. Go to someone that knows. I highly recommend Patrick for your curls! THANKS PATRICK!! :-)

Reviewed on 04.05.14

Stylist: Patrick

This is one of the worst haircuts I have ever received. I requested layers, I got no layers except for my out hair being longer than the under hair (when is that normal). Due to the technique I left with more split ends and stringy hair.

Reviewed on 05.30.13

Stylist: Patrick

This is one of the worst haircuts I have ever received. I requested layers and got no layers (the outer layer is longer than the under hair, when is that normal in a hair cut). Due to the technique, I have an amazing amount of split ends and my hair is stringy.

Reviewed on 05.29.13

Stylist: Patrick

Another amazing haircut!! My mom had her straight hair cut by Tiffany and she did an amazing job too!

Reviewed on 01.17.13

Stylist: Patrick

Thank you for a wonderful curly haircut. Patrick was very knowledgeable & very helpful with what to do & try with my hair. I tell everyone I know. Thanks for a terrific cut. Also everyone at the salon was very friendly.

Reviewed on 08.16.12

Stylist: Melanie

Ultimate Image IS by far the best salon in the area! Been a client for 13 years and love them! Great staff, amazing stylists! They definitely go above and beyond the call of duty for their clients! Melanie is a great stylist - I highly recommend her to all my friends and family!

Reviewed on 08.10.12

Stylist: Patrick

Absolutely the best curly cut I have ever had. Patrick is so lovely and knows his hair! I felt so relaxed and had complete confidence in his decisions. He gave me great tips on how to care for my hair type (even how to shampoo and condition properly) and I am extremely happy with his product recommendations. I have had many curly cuts before (at many a big name salon) and I have never had such a great cut before! I am so excited and I am telling all my friends (curly or otherwise). Thank you Patrick!!!

Reviewed on 05.01.11

Stylist: Patrick

A big city haircut in a country setting! Perhaps the best curly cut I have ever had. Patrick is lovely and extremely talented. He knows his hair! The salon has a relaxed atmosphere and everyone is very friendly. I have tried so many salons (even ones with positive ratings on this site) and they have been fine... but I was very impressed by Patrick's skill and knowledge. Most importantly, he listened to me! He gave me great advice and styling tips and graciously said to call if I had any questions about the cut or needed something re-cut (this frequently happens with curly hair) and the products he used were lovely. It was a great experience and I will definitely be going back and telling all my friends (curly or otherwise)!

Reviewed on 04.30.11

Stylist: Patrick (cut) & Dawn (color)

Excellent excellent excellent! I started going to Ultimate Image about 9 months ago. My hair was difficult to say the least - not anymore! Patrick cuts my hair and Dawn colors my hair and I recommend them both. In addition, this salon is up tp date, friendly, and professional. You get a great feeling from the minute you walk in the door to the time you leave. I am also using great products that I purchased at this salon and think they are the best I've ever used (and not ridiculously expensive either). Go to this salon if you can - see Patrick for your cut and Dawn for your color!!

Reviewed on 04.19.09

Stylist: Patrick

Ok, so here's the deal.. i am 15 and for the first 14 years of my life i let my hair just grow and grow getting trims once every couple of months like people normally do. So it got to be pretty long. It was to like the middle of my back. It wasn't huge or amazingly long, just normal long. But i had never really had a big change, so then i told my mom that i wanted to get it cut short. She brought me to see Patrick. I was sooo nervous. He cut it to about my shoulders, just where i wanted it. And i loved it! And the best part was he talked me throught the whole thing. He todl me what he was doing and why and he told me tips and things to keep it looking great. I absolutely love it now and i will definately go back! :)

Reviewed on 08.16.08

Stylist: Patrick

Wow!! After reading the recommendations on this site I decided to book an appointment with Patrick, and was very happy! I used to call around and ask salons if they had someone who knew how to cut curly hair, but I quickly found out that they all lie! They usually claim to have a curly hair specialist who ends up being anyone that's available at the time of your appointment. Then they proceed to soak and cut your hair no differently than if it were straight. Patrick is definitely the real deal. I have never had a better hair cut! (And considering I was chopping off 10+ inches to donate to locks of love the first time, this is a considerable compliment.) Also, I've never had to take him up on this, but he offerred to make touch ups if I washed my hair the next day and found that something wasn't right. The hairuct is a little pricier than I'm used to paying but not at all unreasonable, and considering the quality I'd say it's definitely worth it. I'm currently residing in Switzerland, but I make sure to make an appointment with Patrick when I'm back in Connecticut.

Reviewed on 08.02.08

Stylist: Patrick

I made an appointment with Patrick based on the recommendations on this site. I chose to ignore the few negative comments people left. I actually almost went to someone else in the area but I am so happy I didn't my search is over. My old hairdresser is great too but she cuts my hair so I can wear it straight. I just want to wear my hair natural and I finally found someone that really understands the challenges of curly hair. I have a beautiful hairstyle I thought he was absolutely FABULOUS! He was very knowlegeable, great personality, and took the time to LISTEN to what I wanted. He really took his time cutting my hair, which he did dry and I can't tell you what a huge difference that made in how my curls fall. He taught me how to cleanse, condition and style my hair. I am definetely going back. I'll be telling all my curly head friends! Thanks Patrick!

Reviewed on 12.26.07

Stylist: Patrick

I went to Patrick based on all the positive recommendations and was very, very happy with the first and second haircuts. Nice guy but the third, however, was awful. Very uneven and so short in spots that it took me 6 months to grow it out properly. Moved on after that experience.

Reviewed on 09.01.07

Stylist: Patrick

Maybe I caught him on an off day, but I have to disagree with the others who have posted about Patrick. I went to him based on the recommendations on this site, and boy was I disappointed. I wanted a change, and asked him to cut my long curls into short curls all over my head. Well, he cut my hair so short it didn't even curl anymore. When I seemed concerned, he tried to change the cut midstream and I had to go back to have him fix it. It's growing out unevenly now, and I have to say I will never go back to see him.

Reviewed on 06.20.07

Stylist: Patrick

Patrick is a great stylist with soo much experience in cutting curly hair. He recently gave me a much needed shorter cut and I love it! I moved to New Mexico from Connecticut 2 years ago and I always go back to Patrick for my haircuts. In between visits to Connecticut, I just ask my stylist to "follow th lines" of how Patrick cuts my hair. Although I have gone to many New York stylists, I find Patrick to be the best of the best!

Reviewed on 06.08.07