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Stylist: Vicky

I came to see Vicky for my first Deva cut on the strength of the review below from 03/17/17. I have mostly 2C hair that is "swavy" on the top, 2C through the middle, and with a straight under layer. When cut short and layered, I can coax nice loose curls out of it by air drying it but most of the time it's a wavy/poofy/frizzy mess. Vicky, who it turns out is a level 3 Deva stylist who went to NYC for her training, gave me the single best cut of my life. She cut it dry with attention to the structure of my face and the way my hair lays. After the cut, my hair was washed and then Vicky did the Deva styling routine with non-Deva products (the salon no longer carries Deva products), pins on the crown for volume, and a short session under the drier. I was so stunned by the perfectness of the cut that I literally shed some tears. I didn't realize until that moment how good my hair COULD look and how bad I have felt about my "bad" hair for years. Vicky was super nice and honest--which I really value in a stylist. As I was in the salon for a while, I saw a number of her clients, including several curly-haired ones, and they all left looking pleased. The really surprising thing is that Vicky is very modest about her Deva s****s and the salon doesn't play up the fact that they have an experienced Level 3 Deva stylist on staff. It's unfortunate because Vicky does such a great job with this type of hair and there are certainly lots of women who could use her help. If you live in NoVA and want to wear your hair curly, RUN, don't walk to Vicky. A Deva cut and styling for my shoulder-length hair was $70, less than I usually pay for my usual blah haircuts.

Reviewed on 12.11.18

Stylist: Vicky

I have wavy hair (I'd guess 2a/b) and have been treating it naturally for about three years now (I've found that the MoroccanOil product line works best for me). Long story short, I'm 44 years old and the first 40 years of my life my hair was straight; so, I've been learning over the past 4 years how to deal with curly hair.I've learned a lot on this board and followed the Deva method for a long time. I'd say I follow a modified Deva protocol now but have always wanted to find a Deva stylist to do my haircut. I've been to several stylists who say they're "curly hair experts", but undoubtedly they always want to brush my hair, cut it wet, etc. And when I tell them not to, they say how everything will look uneven when it's restyled. Ugh.I found myself wanting to try a new stylist so I came here to read reviews of nearby salons. I decided on The W Salon since it was only 15 minutes from me and the reviews were great. However, when I called, it turned out that Megan and Lauren (who were recommended here) both were no longer with the studio. I was of course disappointed, but asked if there was anyone else there who was Deva certified and they said yes, Vicky was. I was skeptical to try someone blind, but felt it was worth giving it try so I booked an appointment.I was initially unhappy because Vicky was 20 minutes late for my appointment (I'm very big on being on-time), but once we got to talking and working on my haircut, it got much better. As it turned out, she was late because her last client showed up late and she actually sent her off after her cut without blow drying it because she knew I was waiting (bonus points there).We talked through my current hair state, what I wanted to do with it, my past experiences, etc. She prominently had her Deva Curl certificate displayed at her station, so that put me at ease. And once she started cutting my hair, it was obvious she knew what she was doing. There was never even a discussion about washing it first or running anything but her fingers through my hair. And she literally cut it curl by curl! She picked it up about an inch at a time and found where the curl bends were. Then, after the initial trim, she went back through and every-so-slightly thinned out areas to allow more movement and volume. After she was done, we washed my hair and then applied some product. *Oh, I should note here that this studio is NO LONGER DEVA FRIENDLY, per se. They are under new management and they didn't see the value in it, so they no longer carry Deva products; they do however carry one line that is still parabin/sulfate/etc. free, and that's what Vicky used on my hair.After she put product on my hair, she scrunched and clumped it, clipped the crown for volume, and then set me under a dryer for about 15 minutes. Once I was done we removed the clips and shook everything out, and I was thrilled with the results. She achieved the beachy waves what I love and gave it volume and movement too.I'll definitely go back when I need a trim, and I'd recommend others give Vicky a try too.

Reviewed on 03.17.17

Stylist: Denise

I have never loved my hair this much! My aunt recommended it to my mom because she and my cousin (she's a 3c) get their hair styled there. I was skeptical at first, but she used DevaCurl No-Poo, One Condition, and the styling gel and I was like WOW. I ended up getting a Deva cut, and it looks really good. I will definitely get my hair styled there again. Thank you, Denise!

Reviewed on 09.21.14

Stylist: Megan

I love, love, love my hair! Megan does such an amazing haircut and really takes the time to teach you how to care for your curls. I now get approached by people who want to know how I got my curls to look this good. I will not be going to anyone else!

Reviewed on 04.01.13

Stylist: Megan

What a great experience!! I LOVE my hair now, I have never seen it so beautiful. Thanks to Megan I learned new tricks and have been getting so many compliments. I even got 2 coworkers to read the book!

Reviewed on 12.25.12

Stylist: Megan

I used to get my haircut at Fiddlehead, but it is just too far away. Transitioned to Ruby Red's in Springfield, then they shut down. I picked W Salon to try based on the reviews, location and the fact that they have Deva trained stylists. Megan cut my hair for me and she was awesome! I had requested Lauren based on the reviews here, but she was busy - but I was more than happy with Megan. She took the time to show me how to correctly do my hair and it turned out wonderfully! My hair looks so much more healthy and pretty. She was super friendly and made my curls look beautiful. I definitely recommend going to Megan - I know that I will be back.

Reviewed on 01.08.12

Stylist: Lauren

My first Devacut ever and it was sooo AMAZING!!! Thanks to Lauren ;D. There is another curly hair stylist, Megan, but I haven't had. Anyways, I am definitely going back to this salon!!!

Reviewed on 11.26.11

Stylist: Lauren

I cannot say enough great things about Lauren! As a recently converted Curly Girl, I'm still learning the ins and outs of the whole process. Moreover, she also cut my daughter's mop of curls -- taking her time not just in cutting, but in washing, conditioning and explaining what she was doing. And aside from working magic, she has a GREAT personality! Love, love, love her!!!!

Reviewed on 09.07.11

Stylist: Lauren

Best haircut of my life! Lauren did an amazing, amazing job with my hair. She was really persistent, even though it took about 45 minutes to detangle my hair. She cut it before she cleansed and conditioned it, which is the opposite of what I was used to, but it worked. Afterward she scrunched some gel into it and diffused it. My curls were perfectly defined and looked so, so pretty :) The only downside is that it's too pricey for me to get my hair cut there every couple months like you're supposed to. For my devacut, it was $75, plus tip. If you don't mind that, definitely, definitely go here.

Reviewed on 08.31.11

Stylist: Lauren

Awesome cut here today. Lauren cut my hair dry, then colored it - the color was perfect, exactly what I wanted. She didn't style it curly (I asked her to do whatever was fastest because I was hungry, so she dried it straight) but the client before me was SO happy with her curls, and they WERE gorgeous. Lauren really knows how to handle curly hair, and she knows a lot great products for curly hair. I had to drive a bit to get there, but it was worth it, and if I stay in the area, I will definitely be back to see her. Prices are a little on the high side from what I am used to, but it was worth it to me. Lauren did everything (cut, shampoo, color, styling), which was unusual to me, and she did it all exceptionally well. She also seemed very smart and is as cute as all get out.

Reviewed on 08.24.11