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Stylist: Anonymous

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

I recently started going to texture this year to c Kathy McMaster and she is absolutely amazing at handling curly/wavy hair like mine.She also has curly hair herself so she knows how to handle it very well!!:)IF ANYONE IS LOOKING FOR A HAIR STYLIST GO TO KATHY M. At texture saloon!!I LOVE MY HAIR NOW and I get many compliments on it!-C.R.

REVIEWED BY: Rippey7  |  7.5.11

Stylist: Lisa

I have been going to Lisa since I was 12(9 years total)...for a long time, I had difficulty excepting my curly hair, so I wore it straight..she gave a perfect cut that balanced between curly and straight so I could wear it either/or. She is...fantastic, I mean fantastic, at hair color. She listens, understands what you want, and is able to give it and so much more. If you let her, just ask her what is best and she can give you some incredible ideas for hairstyling, cuts, and color. About a year ago I went curly, and continued to go to her....Many hairstylists cannot achieve cutting curly hair, but she has mastered it. She does cut wet, but I have never had an issue..recently I had a DevaCut in the city I am in, and they remarked how uncommon it is for a stylist to cut curly hair correctly while wet, and she had :) (my previous cut had been with her) I do not know any of the other hair stylists there, so I cannot say if they would be as good. I have always trusted her, and that is huge when it comes to my curls..I really will not let anyone cut my hair. Recently, I moved to Kansas City and had to find a new stylist, but I continue to miss going to her. She will make you feel relaxed, at ease, and leave you with a fabulous new haircut.