Michael Solis

United StatesCALos AngelesMichael Solis
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  • Los Angeles, CA 90048
    United States
    (323) 559-9599
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  • Protective Styling - Braids, Twists, Conrows, Etc.

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Stylist: Michael Solis

Michael Solis was on Bravo's "Blow Out" and he is remarkable with curly hair, his cuts and blow-dries are gorgeous. I was the lead treatment specialist for Philip B and had access to top stylists, after a long search I finally found Michael, his cut make my 3b curls fall perfectly, and when he blow dries it straight -- let's just say, he's the BEST. He has lots of loyal curly-haired celeb clients (when he isn't doing editorial shoots) The hair compliments just keep coming...