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Suite 106
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Stylist: Joanne Tucker Walsh

I had not had my hair cut or trimmed in several years.  Like most reviewers I dreaded getting my hair cut because most hair stylist do not know how to cut naturally curly hair and I would always come out of the salons looking awful with globs of product in my hair.  After searching Naturally Curly's website for Salon recommendations I went to Salon Nani and met JoAnne Tucker Walsh.  JoAnne is incredibly talented and knows exactly how to cut naturally curly hair.  I honestly can say that the hair cut I received from JoAnne was the best cut I've ever had!  The experience was relaxing and JoAnne did not rush to cut, but instead took the time to get to know me and my hair.  I walked out of Salon Nani looking and feeling beautiful.  Thank you JoAnne!

Reviewed on 08.30.14

Stylist: Joanne Tucker Walsh

This was my first time getting my hair cut by Joanne. She was AMAZING!!! I have always walked out of salons hating my hair and having to just deal with the cuts that I had gotten. Joanne was totally different, she cut my hair how it should be cut and it has never looked better. She knows what she is doing. I will be going to her from here on out.

Reviewed on 06.06.14

Stylist: Joanne Tucker Walsh

I have always had a love/hate relationship with my curly hair. I've spent most of my life since my teens searching out the perfect product, blow dryer and more recently the flat iron, to help me to achieve long straight locks. It didn’t matter that it took almost 40 minutes to dry and straighten my long hair. I was determined to have silky straight hair. It was a constant battle and if there was a drop of humidity in the air, all bets were off and up it went into a ponytail. This all ended the day I walked into Salon Nani and met JoAnne and got my education on the Deva Curl method of cutting and styling hair. JoAnne was my hair savior! She is well studied in the Deva Curl process and my very first visit to Salon Nani changed my life. Gone was the frizz, unorganized curls and flat top / curly bottom. Now I had absolutely no frizz and gorgeous curls from top to bottom. The first thing JoAnne did was to sit me down and put her hands through my hair and talk to me. She wanted to know my expectations and then told me what I could expect. She cut my hair dry! I was so surprised as my past experiences with hair stylists varied from uneven cuts to actually having a stylist first wash my hair, dry it straight and THEN cut it. Seriously. But they always, other than that one time, without exception cut my hair wet. This was a new experience for me. JoAnne knows exactly what she is talking about and then does it. She also walked me through the Deva Curl products and made recommendations based on my curl type. I never felt like she was just trying to sell me product. She also went through the clipping process with me and even gave me a free bag of clips for me to take home with me. And can I just say how AMAZING the Deva Curl products are!!!! They work really well with the cut to completely eliminate frizz and give you organized curls all the way through your hair. Have you ever heard that old saying “You get what you pay for”? This is also true with hair stylists. If you want a barber or your best pal to cut and style your hair in their basement for $20, well then you can’t complain about a bad hair day. I feel that the cost of getting a Deva Curl cut and style is well worth whatever your stylist charges. In JoAnne’s case she even offers free oxygenation services 6 weeks after your original cut just to help shape and catch any stray hairs and we all know that curly hair changes day by day. Sometimes minute by minute on a humid day. I can’t say enough great things about Salon Nani and JoAnne and her talent in cutting and styling curly hair. She also does my color which also is a well-thought out process by JoAnne. In my honest opinion, she should have a line out her door on a daily basis with us curly haired gals and guys who just want great hair. Her Deva Curl expertise is second to none.

Reviewed on 04.11.14

Stylist: Joanne Tucker Walsh

I am so happy to have found JoAnne!! I have had a hard time liking my curls and have always dreaded getting haircuts because I never liked the result. I just had my first Deva Cut with JoAnne and I loved it! My curls are light, soft, and full of life now. I love my hair now! JoAnne was so generous and meticulous. She showed me how to use clips to help lift my flat spots and really made sure I understood the Deva 3 step process. She is a teacher at heart. I cannot wait for my next cut. If you need help with your curls, go check out JoAnne!

Reviewed on 02.24.14

Stylist: Joanne Tucker Walsh

I love JoAnne at Salon Nani. It's a small salon and you get the most personal service. She does the Deva cut and taught me how to care for my curls and love them again. She was able to recommend products based on my specific wants from a product. I love my hair again and receive compliments all the time.

Reviewed on 01.28.14

Stylist: Joanne Tucker Walsh

My hair cut with JoAnne at Salon Nani was fabulous! I was visiting Fort Collins for the entire summer and my hair was in desperate need of a cut. She cut it dry, using the Deva method, shaped it well, and gave me new ideas for moisturizing and styling my 3b hair. She also gave me a set of clips so I can lift the roots as my hair air dries. This was my first Deva cut, though I've been a fan of the Curly Girl book since high school. I thought the $75 price was worth it. Joanne is gracious, friendly, and incredibly knowledgable. So glad that I found her salon on this site! I highly recommend her for other curly girls in the area.

Reviewed on 07.19.13

Stylist: JoAnne Tucker Walsh

I moved about 6 months ago and was not happy about needing to find someone who knows how to cut curly hair. I stumbled across a previous review on this website and figured I'd give it a shot. It was the best decision I ever made! JoAnne is Deva certified and extremely skilled. She taught me more about hair and the Deva process than any other certified stylist I have encountered in the past (there were many!). She cut my hair dry, made sure I was happy with the shape, then color, wash, style, and dry! She taught me to use clips to get volume in the sections that tend to lay flat. JoAnne has a customer in me for as long as I'm in town. I recommend her without hesitation! All those with curly hair, trust her! She is fabulous!

Reviewed on 03.27.11

Stylist: JoAnne Tucker Walsh

Salon Nani is a Deva certified salon in old town, Ft Collins. It is VERY small, and the owner JoAnne is very skilled at cutting curly hair. Here is why I would recommend this salon: 1. The stylist, JoAnne, really took the time to sit down and listen to what I had to say. She had a nice attitude, and although I was having a bit of a bad hair day when I went to get it dry-cut, she saw past it and was able to bring out the curl. 2. She does not do exclusively Deva cuts. If you do not like your deva cut, she will re-cut and style your hair the traditional way, no extra cost. 3. Although the price was expensive, $75, I felt it was fair because the cut took such a long time to do. Also, she is willing to negotiate price if it's just simply too much. She started out very slowly with my hair cut; just trimming off the very ends. When I wanted it shaped with more layers, she willingly put them in, slowly. This practice of starting out conservatively is essential to preventing a bad haircut. In the end, my hair was both trimmed and layered to my liking. I will be coming back to her again!

Reviewed on 10.08.10