Greg & Tony

Westport, CT

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Stylist: Erika

I recentlt visted Greg and Tony and had a young lady Erika cut my hair. She was excellent. My hair is very difficult to cut and she made it look better than it has in years. she asked me what I wanted and followed my instructions perfectly as well as added some of her own flare. Which is what a guy always needs. a women's touch. When she was finished she showed me the cut from all angles and made sure I was pleased. She also used the product that I use to style me when I left, something I rarly get. Other salons usually push there product on you to buy it. Not here, I got what I wanted. I read the comment before about Tony the stylist. I don't believe it to be true. Yes he is opinated, and yes some topics can be edgy. But I like hearing the truth every once in a while, especially from an old school Italian that has been around the block a couple times. I think we need more of that influence in today's media papperazi age. I give greg and tony two thumbs up and I will be returning happily for my next cut. Thank you for being so great Erika.

Reviewed on 07.23.08

Stylist: Tony

My first cut with Tony was great. Thereafter, it was one not very flattering cut after another. Apparently, Tony likes to talk and when he gets going, he forgets how much he is cutting. His conversations are also uncomfortably biased and he doesn't seem to realize he may be offending; and I have been offended. Bad cuts and bad conversation. Time to move on.

Reviewed on 03.20.06