1513 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20007

User Reviews

Stylist: Tori Platania

I have kinky, curly hair. While it looks like my hair is really thick, it's not, it's just that I have a LOT of hair. Tori is the only stylist that I have found that is able to give me a cut that allows me to actually wear my hair down. I'm not sure what she does, but it always looks excellent and is very manageable. I highly recommend trying her.

Reviewed on 06.08.07

Stylist: Tori Platania

Tori is amazing! I have an odd combination--fine, rather flat curls. My absolute pet peeve is when a stylist doesn't look at or play with my hair dry before the assistant washes it. The first time I visited Tori, the assistant tried to put me in the shampoo chair while I waited, and Tori practically knocked the woman down! She talked to me about my hair, what kind of cuts I'd had before, what worked, what didn't, played with sections of my hair and held them in different positions so she could see where the curls should fall. She's cut my hair four times now and it gets better every time. The only downside is that she's expensive--$80 plus tip. But if you've got room in your budget, she's totally worth it.

Reviewed on 05.18.06

Stylist: Ian

I've found that finding someone to take care of my curls has been one of the most terrifying chores over the years. On a recommendation from one of my coworkers I went to see Ian @ Aqua in Georgetown. I couldn't have been more satisfied! Apart from being an absolute blast to talk with, he made my hair do things I never thought it could. I haven't wanted to flat iron my hair since. (Trust me, I was addicted to my iron.)

Reviewed on 04.26.06

Stylist: Tori

I was thinking about doing the Japanese relaxer for a year before I took the plunge. I'm really happy with the results. I had a consultation with Tori the week before and we went over all the options for my hair. There was no pressure to do the relaxer but I decided to go for it. I've never had straight hair and WOW! What a cool change! I don't have Aqua's # but I got Tori's info from another post with her website

Reviewed on 01.26.06