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Deva Curl
18 Brook Street
Suite 103
Asheville, NC 28803

User Reviews

Stylist: Jordan Carlson

He is the best stylist! I'd never had a DevaCurl haircut before and he walked me through it step by step. Before we started he sat down and helped me understand my hair and what would look best cut wise. Everyone was nice, and this haircut is amazing. I will definitely keep coming back!  

Reviewed on 08.09.15

Stylist: Jordan Carlson

Jordan is so great! He's cute and sweet, talks about fun things, and most importantly does a GREAT job while making you feel comfortable. I recommend him to anyone with hair needs in asheville. Thanks, Jordan!

Reviewed on 04.10.14

Stylist: Abby J

I love the way Abby does my curls and color, she has helped me achieve the most awesome shade of red. It’s what I never knew I always wanted! I feel bad taking complements for my hair when I know I owe it all to Abby. After my wedding I can’t wait for Abby to give me a fresh shorter deva cut.

Reviewed on 04.06.14

Stylist: jordan carlson

Love my diva cut at wink by jordan! Loved it so much, I am also doing color with him!

Reviewed on 04.05.14

Stylist: Krista

Wonderful stylist and person!

Reviewed on 02.21.14

Stylist: Abby J

Very impressed with this girl. My hair looks incredible, healthier than ever. My experience was phenomenal and this salon and I will return. This is the best my hair has every looked, natural and healthy, bouncy. I am gushing.

Reviewed on 01.24.14

Stylist: Christine Dibenedetto

A total master. I had an incredible experiences with her. Her knowledge blew me away. I have tried other curly salons and in town and was told by some friends that Christine brought DEVA to Asheville and had really started the trend. There were so many curly haired people at the salon , plus all lots of the stylists had curl hair. i was so impressed the minute I walked through the door. She completely understood my hair. I am beyond thrilled . Thank you!!!!

Reviewed on 01.24.14

Stylist: Miriam Mcnamara

I just saw Miriam - but, she is at the Bari Salon now in W. Asheville. She's the best - my hair has never felt or looked so good! She knows just how to cut and style curly hair! :-)

Reviewed on 01.06.14

Stylist: Miriam Mcnamara

Miriam is now at Bari Salon in West Asheville. She's the best at cutting curly hair, so make sure you find her at her new location!

Reviewed on 01.05.14

Stylist: Theresa

I just finished a first time devacut with Theresa, and I am a believer! I cannot BELIEVE the results--I went from dry, flat, frizzy, wavy-ish hair to luscious, bouncy, shiny curls instantly. And the system is doable... I am totally confident in recreating what she did at home. I can't stop shaking my head to feel my curls bounce around!

Reviewed on 07.16.13

Stylist: Thea

I agree with the review above. It seems that if you don't know who to ask for you get someone who doesn't have experience or ability to give you a Diva Cut. When I made the appt, I was clear about wanting a Diva Cut, and although the stylist was nice enough, I ended up paying for something I didn't get. I still want a Diva Cut though so I might go back and ,make sure to ask for a stylist by name off this site.

Reviewed on 05.23.13

Stylist: Sarah

Sarah is amazing!!! She knows just how to personally tailor a devacut for you! Technique, precision and vision! I definitely recommend Sarah for your Devacut.

Reviewed on 03.19.12

Stylist: ??

I used to go here for Dana, but she has since left the salon. I called to make an appt and asked specifically for a Diva cut and was given to another stylist, but I can't remember her name. She certainly did not give me a Diva cut, but charged me for one. I won't be going back.

Reviewed on 10.11.11

Stylist: Miriam McNamara

Miriam does such a great job with my hair. Even when I have doubts- Miriam ALWAYS does a great job!! I love her!!!

Reviewed on 04.25.11

Stylist: Miriam McNamara

Miriam is the best hair stylist i've EVER HAD! Every haircut I have had she does a great job and makes it look better than I ever expected. She knows how to work with all different types of hair and does a great job on whatever she does. She's also awesome and fun to talk to!

Reviewed on 04.13.11

Stylist: Miriam McNamara

I have never seen my hair look so good. I love the time Miriam takes with my hair, how knowledgeable she. This salon is great, everyone here is so friendly and most of the women there have curly hair. She has given me the best cuts in my life! She is a total pro. Plus the salon has really fun events for curly haired girls and they bring in guest artists from Devachan.

Reviewed on 02.25.11

Stylist: Miriam McNamara

Miriam has transformed my curls into something I can finally live with! I was on the brink of cutting them all off out of despair when I found her, and she has given me wonderful cuts, styles, and styling tips over the past year. Around the salon, she is called "The Curl Whisperer" because she can tame even the wildest, most unruly curls and turn them into beautiful, shiny tresses.

Reviewed on 02.10.11

Stylist: Christine DiBenedetto

Christine is the best. She could make anyones hair look like a million bucks! She is so talented, creative, consistent, and a really sweet lady. She has been doing my hair for about five years.

Reviewed on 01.24.11

Stylist: Dana

I've gone to two "curly girl" salons in another state that advertised that they followed Lorraine Massey's methods. I always had good haircuts, but after going to Dana at Wink, I knew that I had never received a true curly girl haircut before. I travel quite a distance to get to Asheville and it's absolutely worth it. Thanks, Dana!!

Reviewed on 01.22.11

Stylist: Christine DiBenedetto

Christine is innovative and fearless! I have never had a haircut/color I didn't like from her and I've been seeing her for 9 years. Christine exceeds expectations when working in appointments and never rushing her clients out of the chair. She's willing to do whatever to make sure you're happy with your hair. My favorite thing about seeing her, though, is that I can sit in the chair and not say a word about what I want; she's creative and current, sensible, but can definitely funk it out. I trust her completely! I spot Christine's clients around Asheville with ease, but I always notice the fabulous hair, first! Christine deserves to win this contest. She rocks curly, and not so curly do's.

Reviewed on 01.21.11

Stylist: Christine DeBenedetto

Christine is the first person who has been able to not only tame my frizzy, curly hair but to enhance it and make it look like curly hair should look: shiny, luscious, healthy.

Reviewed on 01.21.11

Stylist: Christine DiBenedetto

It doesn't get any better, Wink + Christine = Perfection!

Reviewed on 01.21.11

Stylist: Gilda Canton Santiago

Gilda has curly hair, so she relates to the constant frustration of finding the method to work with our hair. She knows how to thin out this thick mane, taught me how to finger comb and pat dry, and introduced me to my favorite hair product "Diva Curl". Believe me, I have tried it all! Nothing works as good as the entire Diva system, from the cut, to the products, to how to handle our hair. We have "diva" hair thanks to Gilda!!

Reviewed on 01.21.11

Stylist: Gilda Santiago

Gilda is awesome! She loves and appreciates curls. She is friendly, open to discussion and very cool. Gilda also is very creative. Even other hair professionals ask me who cuts my hair because her precision and creativity is so on point! I have Type 3 hair.

Reviewed on 01.19.11

Stylist: Amy Grooms

Amy is the best! She is not afraid to try new looks and offer great suggestions. I feel like she is able to handle curly girls, and provides a style that is fun, maintainable and healthy!

Reviewed on 01.19.11