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1612 U Street
Washington, DC 20009

User Reviews

Stylist: Kathyana @ Metropole

I've been searching for someone in the DMV region to manage my 3b curls my entire adult life. I've finally found her--Kathyana. First of all, she did not complain about how difficult my hair is. Instead, she sat me down and talked to me about my concerns and what I'm looking for in a cut. I showed her my hair photos on Pinterest and she was immediately able to see what I had in mind. She cut my hair both dry and wet (I was skeptical, but she proved herself). In the end, I got exactly what I was hoping for. Everyone was polite. Prices were some of the best I've ever seen in the metropolitan region: $139 for curly cut and partial highlights. I plan on returning to Kathyana at Bang Salon and recommend her to anyone with challenging curls!

Reviewed on 12.29.14

Stylist: Brennan @ Metropole

I've been going to Brennan since I moved here 6 months ago, and he does an amazing job with my hair. He is very nice and friendly, and always listens to what I want to do to my hair and makes suggestions. He was the first stylist to dry cut my hair, and it is amazing what a difference that makes. I had some issues with finding the right balance of product in my hair that wouldn't weigh it down (the winter here is not as humid as I am used to, so my curls have been falling), and Brennan talked me through it. The salon atmosphere is nice, the people at the front desk are always helpful and pleasant. Brennan is usually booked up for a few weeks in advance, but there are cancellations you can usually get in on if you have a flexible schedule. I just book for 8 weeks out after each appointment to avoid the hassle, but the first time I did wind up going at an awkward time because I needed a cut and couldn't wait.

Reviewed on 02.28.13

Stylist: Lisa @ U Street

Growing up I never had a stylist that I liked, and every time I looked at pictures of myself, I thought "my hair looks like a mess". So when I moved to DC I knew I needed to find someone I liked. I came on to the Naturally Curly website and went through a bunch of the reviewed salons, and decided to try Bang because it was close to my apartment. Well that was all I needed, I sat down with Lisa, who spent time talking to me about my concerns and offering suggestions. The first time she cut my hair I loved it. Over the summer we decided to go short and she helped me pick a style that was adorable. When I decided to grow it out again she voted no, but still helped me find the best shape to help that process. The salon is fun and I am sure many of the other stylists are great too, but I would definitely recommend Lisa!

Reviewed on 03.17.11

Stylist: Brittany at U Street

Gave me the best haircut of my entire life. I wanted to go shorter, hide hair loss, still be able to keep a ponytail, AND do so for a reasonable cost. With a dry cut. Brittany was amazing. She talked with me at length about what I wanted, grow out plans, and a plan for a future cut - I knew I wanted to potentially go above the shoulder in the next year, so she cut a shape that would grow out the way it needed to be for the shorter cut - without making it seem like she knew everything. She asked a lot about what products I use, how I style, even commented that although the salon as a whole had moved to a different diffuser system, the Devafuser was definitely a good choice for me. She even asked if I had specific curls that "went rogue" so they could be cut individually. The kids I nanny for used to call one piece of hair my "maverick curl" because no matter what I did it would always find it's way out. She managed to trim it down so that even though it still does it's own thing, it looks less unusual. The dry cut was fantastic, and she used great products on my hair. She asked me to show her how I dry my hair at home (a finely honed system for fastest drying and max volume) before drying it similarly. No assistants, no passing me off - she personally washed and conditioned my hair herself. Friendly, but not overly chatty, and held my hand through the entire process (is this ok? shorter? how much shorter? etc). I was ecstatic, and my posse of gays raved about how great it looked and how voluminous it was in that really fun, no need to style it, way curly hair can be. After washing and styling on my own the next day I noticed a few stragglers that had settled since the cut. I called to book another appointment to have them tended to. She said to just stop by whenever I had a moment, or she would walk me through trimming them myself if I was too busy. Terrified to ruin the overall look I rushed back in. She took me between clients and trimmed me up, commented that she liked the product I was using at home, then put some glossy serum in (it was August, after all) and sent me on my way - no charge, and refused my tip. I rarely find her on the schedule for weekends, which is a problem for me now that I'm living back in NJ. I fully plan on taking a day off and making the 8 hour round trip drive just to get my hair cut again. If you can explain what your hair does and what you want it to do, Brittany will find a (realistic) way to bridge the gap. Can't say enough about how wonderful my cut was, and what a confidence booster it was to have the first really great haircut of my adult life.

Reviewed on 02.25.11

Stylist: Brittany

This was definitley the worst haircut I have ever ever recieved. Brittany had NO idea how to cut hair. She claimed she was well versed in the Deva method but had no idea how it worked. She barely put enough product in my hair and my hair was a poofy mess. But that wouldn't be so bad if the cut was ok. But the cut was horrible. She was done in like 10 mins so I should have known this was going to be bad. She needs to go back to Deva and get proper training- she had no idea how it worked and what to do with the products. I will never go back!

Reviewed on 01.05.11

Stylist: patou

Excellent - I love that place!

Reviewed on 12.30.10

Stylist: Brennan

Brennan cut my hair at the beginning of May 2009 (at the Bang at 15th and P). I was very happy with how it went. He listened to everything I had to say (I showed him pictures of past disasters to show him what I did NOT want). He cut my hair dry (as asked), was very gentle and careful (did NOT cut too much!), and most importantly, fixed the shelf layer and scraggly back I had after a long series of bad cuts. At the end I asked him to adjust the back even more (going from a straight line to a U) and he did so without objections and, again, very carefully. All in all, the best haircut I had in years. I got exactly what I wanted, and it was very affordable, too! Bang is generally a very laid back and relaxed place, and so is Brennan; nothing too upscale, arrogant, or annoying about the man (or place)! I don't know the other stylists there, but I would definitely go back to Brennan next time I'm in DC.

Reviewed on 11.01.09

Stylist: Elena

I went to Elana a long time ago - also upon recommendations from others - but would not recommend her. Maybe it depends on the clients curl type? I'm a 3b and she didn't seem at all confident, and I walked out feeling no different than when I walked in. I've since moved out of DC, but if others are looking for salons around there, I hear Heather at Trim Salon is high quality (and Ouidad certified). Now if anyone has recommendations for a place in Papua New Guinea, please send them on! :)

Reviewed on 12.11.08

Stylist: Brennan @ Metropole

I went to Brennan last Sunday - WOW! I must say this is probably the first time in such a long time that I'm proud to have curly hair... He did such an AMAZING job. And now, it's proven that cutting curly hair DRY is probably the best method for most curly hair types. Everyone else that has cut my hair in the past 3 years didn't do well - They would make 1 side longer and it would end up looking like a "triangle" cut... So, like I said, Brennan is GREAT! He is also VERY nice and personable! This haircut took ONLY 30-40 minutes!!!!! And I still haven't straightened my hair since! I usually straighten my hair once or twice a week!!!!!!! :)

Reviewed on 12.05.08

Stylist: Brittany at U Street

I finally found someone to cut my crazy curly hair! Brittany is really great, she is good and listening to what you want and understands how curly hair works. I went twice and just love the cuts. The first time she cut it dry using this method (which I think is out of New York) in order to see the curls and shape while you are cutting. The second time I had her cut it wet. Both are great!

Reviewed on 09.08.08

Stylist: Jessica at Verizon Center

Fabulous! I have very curly hair and I have had cheap trims for the past year and a half trying to grow out the old homemade coloring job. I'm 40 and as you know ladies, the hair gets less on top as we get older. She fixed the colour, shaped my head so I didn't look like a christmas tree and appropriately layered without making the frizz go up. She was very respectful of my wishes and incorporated them. LOVE HER!

Reviewed on 07.10.08

Stylist: Nikki

I have been going to Nikki for a few years now, and her skills with curly hair keep improving everytime I go. I recently went in for a cut and I have never been happier with a haircut in my life. She listens to what you are looking for and is careful not to cut hair too short (a common problem with cutting curly hair). Before she cuts she asks how you style your hair, so that the cut suits the style (for example: where you part your hair, if you ever wear it straight). I would reccomend Nikki to anyone with curly hair who wants a great cut for a very reasonable price!

Reviewed on 01.03.08

Stylist: Brennan

I just went to see Brennan 2 days ago, and I am very pleased with my haircut. I had a shelf layer from a previous cut, and he did a great job of breaking it up and integrating it into the rest of my hair. He cut my hair dry (a first for me), and my hair lays so perfectly now. The salon uses Deva products, among others, and is a very funky, friendly place. If you are looking for an evening or weekend appointment, be prepared to book a week or two out. It's a very busy place! Another plus is that you can make appointments online and they will send you a reminder email the day before your appointment. Overall, it was a great experience!

Reviewed on 10.21.07

Stylist: Elana

I tried Elana after others recommended her. I had previously visited Beth at Fiddleheads, had liked her find, but not been so impressed with the products she sold there, and switched mostly to see if there'd be an good product to try. I had hair halfway down my back, and now it barely covers the back of my neck. I asked for the damaged ends to be cut off. The amazing thing about this is that she told me she didn't want to cut all the damage, because it would be short then, and I'd be freaked out. I showed her the shortest I would want it, and she cut it three inches shorter than that. I also told her I don't like it collarbone length -- it's actually shorter than that in front! It's almost as if she didn't realize curly hair looks longer when wet. Which can't be true, because she cuts curly hair all the time. During the cut, I said, 'This is going to be soooo short' and she argued with me there wasn't that much hair on the ground!

Reviewed on 10.20.07

Stylist: Elena

She's really great-- and at only $38, she's by far the best deal in town.

Reviewed on 06.22.07

Stylist: Elena

I moved to DC a year ago and had a succession of horrible haircuts from 3 different people (two of them at Luna). After a few hours of desperate online research to find someone good who doesn't charge $50+, I came across this site and read all comments. I decided on Elena and had to book two months in advance (as I can only make an appointment evenings or weekends and she works one evening/wk). LOVE this cut! My problems are solved! She is great -- she listened to me and had suggestions which I was thrilled to hear -- knew what to do and taught me some styling tricks. Brennan cuts her hair; I'll probably try him too at some point, but for the foreseeable future, I'm sticking with Elena! The salon is very young/funky. I'm in my 50's so I felt like I was clearly outside their demographic, but once I was in the chair I was in great hands. Highly recommend Elena!

Reviewed on 02.22.07

Stylist: Elena

I just went to Bang salon for the first time and got the greatest haircut EVER from Elena. She really knows what she's doing with curly hair! I heartily recommend the salon, especially if you want an edgy, stylish cut (it looks like they're great with color too). Shoot me an email if you want to see before and after pictures!

Reviewed on 09.09.06

Stylist: Brennan

Brennan at Bang Salon on U Street is fantastic with curly hair. He was recommended to me by two other curly haired friends who had been to him and were happy. He has curly hair too, which he gives the credit for his abilities. It's very rare for me to find a good curly hair person and I look long and hard for them. He's for real. He is harder to get into though, aren't all the good ones? I have to call about two weeks in advance for a cut and 1/2 highlight (runs apx $125). Bang is also just a fun atmosphere. Really funky and close to the U-Street Metro stop.

Reviewed on 02.02.06