Taji's Natural Hair Styling

2200 E Millbrook rd, Suite 122.
Raleigh, NC 27604

User Reviews

Stylist: Taji Shabu

This was one of the worst salon experiences ever. I went for a trim. First I sat there a good 45 minutes to an hour before my head was even touched. My hair was washed and conditioned by someone other than Taji (I forgot her name). She piled my hair on top of my head so when she was done it was TANGLE CITY. To detangle she took a BRUSH and proceeded to tear through my hair with the brush. I thought to myself if I didn't have split ends before then surely I have them now. Taji cut my hair and did an ok job. I asked her to just slick it back in a ponytail and I would style later. She said she would rather do a wash and go instead. Then she proceeds to put a HUGE amount of gel in my hair. It was crunchy and disgusting. When I got home I took a shower and globs and globs of gel came out of my head and it felt like slime. I will never go back to this salon.

Reviewed on 05.15.12

Stylist: Taji Shabu

I just want to say that I loved my twist extensions when I left Taji Salon! I had to wait about a month to get an appointment but it was well worth the wait. I am transitioning and this style is the perfect style for me. Thanks Taji!

Reviewed on 12.12.11

Stylist: Taji Shabu

This salon was incredibly underwhelming. Never in my life had I had to wait for 45 minutes for someone to shampoo my hair. It showed a complete disregard for the customer. The girl who shampooed my hair first spoke to me about 20 minutes into my wait to let me know that she was going to let Taji know, even though someone had already said that when I first walked in. The shampoo girl later showed up and asked me in a joking manner why I didn't tell her I was there for the big chop and told me I had to be shampooed and deep conditioned for 45 minutes first. I have no idea how this was decided before I even met the stylist. My hair is not significantly damaged or dry to warrant a 45 minute deep conditioning treatment. I was also just left back in the room with the dryers until I got up and walked to the front. Eventually Taji showed up and was surprised that the shampoo girl didn't rinse the deep treatment out. Taji was okay. She spoke incredibly soft and spent a lot of time on the phone. Also the cut she gave me was just so-so. It is shorter on the top and sides and longer in the back. I absolutely hate it when stylists cut my hair this way. She gave me a wash and go and pinned back the sides. It was weird looking to me. I won't be going back. The only other time I have spent 4 hours in a salon was when I was getting a double process permanent dye job on relaxed hair.

Reviewed on 03.26.11

Stylist: Taji Shabu

I started going to Taji during my transition period. During the consultation she was very patient and made a recommendation for a style that would keep me from having to deal with the two textures. She was also very encouraging and supportive during this time because I had concerns about doing my big chop. She never pushed me, just listened and encouraged me. Since my big chop (which she did the honors!) she had educated me on how to maintain my hair at home, recommended products, and answered questions. Each time I go to her she is epitome of professionalism and an all around NICE person! Not to mention, she has a creative edge with styling natural hair that is 2nd to none!!

Reviewed on 02.01.11

Stylist: felicia nix

if you want your hair to grow trust me this salon is the best of the best. ive been plenty salons this is it.

Reviewed on 12.30.10