Adams Morgan
2427 18th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

User Reviews

Stylist: Jannah (I think)

I made an appointment at Demian's after seeing the positive reviews on this site. Immediately, I began regretting my decision. Their website makes the salon look classy and refined, when the salon is actually in basement with a pink and silver spraypainted door. When I walked in, the music was blaring, and the place was empty, with the exception of one stylist putting the 2nd foil on a client's head. She yelled to me that someone would be with me in a minute, so I sat down to wait. After 5 minutes, a man came out of the back room to answer the phone, and I discovered he was the owner, Demian. He proceeded to make phone calls, dust the shelves, and change the music for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, without acknowledging my presence. Finally, after being ignored for 20 minutes, I asked if my stylist was running late, and the stylist who was maybe 1/4 done with her coloring job gave me a pained smile and said, "I'm your stylist. I'll be with you..." and her voice trailed off. I responded that I would simply go to another salon with more respect for their clients. With their tacky entrance way, blaring 90s music, rudeness to their clients, and reputation for being overpriced, I am not surprised that the salon was nearly empty that afternoon. Unless they readjust their attitudes, they better get used to those empty seats.

Reviewed on 09.16.08

Stylist: Jannah

I went to Jannah a few weeks ago and she did a great job. I have 2b/3a hair, and she gave me a "hybrid CG" cut - one that I can wear curly or blow dry straight. The Bumble products she recommended didn't really work for me, but the cut itself was really good. I'll definitely go back. Thanks for the suggestion, curlies! :)

Reviewed on 05.05.08

Stylist: Jannah

This is my new favorite place in DC. I got my last haircut at Devachan in New York which was a good experience, but Jannah was GREAT. Both my fiance and I both think she did a better job than the stylist at Devachan. She spent alot of time looking at my hair and cutting each curl (dry). Then she washed and dried my hair to see how much it would shrink and made some last cuts to individual curls. She also mentioned that I could come back for a "bang" trim to keep the shape of my hair. I will absolutely go back, this is probably the best haircut I've had in my 24 years. A curly girl cut is $75.

Reviewed on 12.09.07

Stylist: Jannah

Demian is located in the heart of Adams Morgan. It has an intimate boutique feeling where they play good music and not only do you get a great haircut, you are actually taught how to care for your curls.

Reviewed on 11.20.07

Stylist: Demian Isla

I had my first "curly girl" cut with Demian, and I'm very happy with it. He took the time out to explain what I should do and shouldn't do with my hair, and even why! I finally know how to style my hair at long last... Demian's trained in the Deva method. I've been recommending him to my family and friends with curly hair!

Reviewed on 05.04.07

Stylist: Vera

I have had the same style for years. I don't really know how to maximize my curls or make them last longer than a day. Vera completely transformed my style. My hair is voluminous and the curls last for days! More importantly, she walked me through hair care steps and even printed out a hair regimen for me. I follow her regimen step by step and my hair looks and feels amazing. I can't sing her praises enough.

Reviewed on 01.26.06