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227 N Santa Cruz Ave
Los Gatos, CA 95030

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Stylist: Jared

I saw Jared in January and LOVED my haircut. I was so thrilled to finally have found a hairdresser I liked (in a town full of salons)! HOWEVER: Jared left Elle Kiss earlier this year (I just discovered this recently, while trying to make another appointment) and I tracked him down to a salon in Santa Cruz, which told me that Jared is on indefinite medical leave, so he is NOT working at the moment.

Reviewed on 09.07.11

Stylist: Jared

Saw Jared today and was really impressed. He asked me about my routine and what products I used. He really listened to me not like some stylists treat you like you know nothing about hair I always bring all my own products because I am allergic to everything and want to be safe and he was totally cool with it and understanding (believe it or not some salons have a problem with it). He knows curly hair! He gave me exactly what I asked for just a trim and shape so I can grow out my curls. He understood how to style my hair and did a great job. My curls looked better coming out than going in. I say that because I have had stylists who try to blow my hair out or use a curling iron to make my curls neat or end up frizzing my hair out. Already scheduled my next appointment.

Reviewed on 01.22.11

Stylist: Jared

I am thrilled with Jared's expertise with cutting and styling curly hair. He was very good about asking me how I like to wear my curls and what style or look I was going for. I could tell right away from the questions that he asked that he understood what goes into cutting various types and textures of curls. He has an excellent eye for flattering styles that work with curly hair and my face. He has a deep knowledge on cutting curls so they are not too short and not shaggy. He styled my curls with precision and good products.

Reviewed on 11.17.10

Stylist: Jared DeCarlo

I have naturally curly hair (type 3) and have searched high and low for a stylist that understands my hair type and doesn't want to always straighten or flat iron my curls away. I was recommended to Jared by a friend in Los Angeles who informed me that Jared moved to a salon in Los Gatos. She has very curly hair and had been seeing Jared for 5 years and is very sad to see him leave..but her loss is my gain! :-) I immediately felt comfortable with Jared and knew I was in good hands. I drive from Santa Cruz and its worth the drive. I love this guy!!! If you have curly hair and in need of somebody new to take your hair to the next level, you have to see him. I could go on and on , in fact I have been non stop to the girls at work..I decided to write a review and spare them my going on and on! I also get color from Jared, which is entirely new to me and I love the beautiful highlights, very soft and natural.He just has such an amazing eye and knows what looks best. Thanks Jared!!!!

Reviewed on 11.01.10