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3854 E. Ft. Lowell
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Stylist: Danielle

lovely place for color

Reviewed on 01.04.17

Stylist: Sarah

I’m a naturally curly guy, early 50s, former military, tough, manly, low-maintenance, and pretty easy going. Bear with me – I’m about to write a review on a topic that isn’t considered very manly, but do it I must. Why? Three reasons, really. First, to convey to J. Scordato the feelings their services left with me. Secondly, to convey to others who may have similar needs what they might expect from J. Scordato. Finally, and most importantly, to help other naturally curlys learn from the mistakes I made in selecting a salon and not effectively communicating to the stylist.For most of my life, I kept my hair very short, out of necessity (military function) and because I hated my natural curl, but about a year ago, I decided it was time to let it grow and learn to love it. As it grew, I began to realize that I didn’t know anything about taking care of my curly hair, so I started doing research. There was one prominent source that I gravitated toward - Lorraine Massey’s Curly Girl Method (I wish Lorraine would give it a more neutral name or develop a guys’ version like “Lion’s Mane” or something. Anyway…) The traditional approach to “dealing with” curly hair is to straighten it, blow dry, and otherwise make it submit to looking and behaving like straight hair. This was the approach that stylists in my youth took that made me hate my curly hair. From this perspective, every salon has its “curly hair experts”. This would prove to be the case with J. Scordato. Lorraine’s approach was starkly different, emphasizing the acceptance of the curl as it is, treating each curl as its own entity, letting it do what it wants to do, and nurturing it with plentiful amounts of hydrating, natural products. I learned that there are different curl types and that I had several different curl patterns ranging from more subtle S-wavey 2B/2C curls to tighter boticelli, corcicelli and fractile curls. I learned why curly hair is different from straight hair and the importance of eliminating harsh shampoos and chemicals, while hydrating the hair. As I began to apply the methods I was learning, I found myself loving my curls, as curls – not straight hair. I also learned the differences in cutting and styling curly hair, compared to straight hair. I read countless stories of the trauma experienced by naturally curlys at the hands of unknowing stylists who wanted to straighten, blow dry, and fight the natural curl. That started me on a search for a stylist knowledgeable in cutting curly hair, determined not to be another traumatized victim. I must say, my search for salons/stylists that truly understand how to nurture curly hair, rather than fight against it, revealed that they are rare. My search led me to read some reviews of J. Scordato Salon, via NaturallyCurly.com. I also checked out J. Scordato’s website and FaceBook pages, where they proclaim their expertise in curly hair. Based on the reviews, my confidence in J. Scordato was mixed, but they appeared to be the only salon within a reasonable drive that might have a stylist who knew Lorraine’s method. After all, the reviews were on NaturallyCurly.com! They must know what they’re doing, right? Lesson number one – Don’t assume that someone else’s idea of “curly hair expertise” is the same as yours. Use explicit language, like “Are you familiar with Lorraine Massey’s Curly Girl Method?” (hard for a guy to say, but you’ve got to cut to the chase). If they’re not talking “curl type”, “S-wavey”, “3B/4A”, “no-poo”, etc. or whatever curl language you’re familiar with, then they might not be on the same page as you. I gave J. Scordato a call and spoke with a nice receptionist. I told her that I wanted to emphasize my natural curl and was seeking a stylist who was knowledgeable in that area. She assured me that Sarah was the stylist for me and that she specialized in men’s cuts. This is a bit of a side note: As a guy, I’ve heard many times from salon receptionists and owners that “so-and-so does our men’s cuts,” and I’m put off by it. In my experience, this most often means that they sit you in a chair, ask you what clipper you use and do their best to get you out the door in 10 minutes or less. Yes, I’m low maintenance, but I do care about how I look and present myself professionally and personally. Being treated as a low priority or as though I have low standards is insulting. Still, I thanked the receptionist and made an appointment for the following evening. When I went to J. Scordato, my hair was 3-4 inches long in places and 4-5 inches in others with healthy curls that I wanted to keep, a fact that I expressed to the receptionist and to Sarah. When I sat down in Sarah’s chair, I noted that the look on her face was one of fright or at least uncertainty, as though she didn’t know what to do with my hair. Lesson two – if you get that look from your stylist, promptly get up, thank them, and exit the building to continue your search for a curly hair stylist. A curly hair expert of the Lorraine Massey persuasion will look at your hair with admiration, study it, and appreciate its random, unpredictable, uniqueness. They will realize it’s more about what you leave than what you take off. Sarah proceeded to do her best, through questions, to determine what I wanted her to do with my hair. As she did, she lifted the hair in several places with a fine-toothed comb (alarm, alarm, alarm!!!) examining the length. In response to one question, I explained my last cut was a straight cut several months earlier. She asked how I felt about the length and I replied that I liked the length where it was and that I just needed a trim in a few places. I said, “You’re the artist – maybe you have some suggestions.” Huge mistake! She ushered me to a wash bowl for a rinse, which I assumed would be followed with some gentle drying prior to the commencement of cutting. WRONG! We returned to the chair where she immediately began a typical fine-toothed comb and scissor straight cut of my wet hair. This went against everything I had read about cutting curly hair, but this this was J. Scordato Salon, I thought! When I felt the first fatal cut of the long, beautiful curls from the nape of my neck, I knew that the months and months of patient growth I’d invested were ruined. I sat quietly, a sick feeling in my stomach, as Sarah finished my mutilation, finally handing me a hand mirror and spinning me around to show me the back, which she didn’t even block or taper. The top she left mostly alone, leaving around 4 inches, the sides were rapidly tapered from around three inches near the top to about a half inch over the ears. The entire back, from the crown to the collar was about an inch long. I wouldn’t even consider this a good straight hair cut. Sarah had basically, eliminated nearly every curl on my head, and stood seemingly proud of the fact that she had rescued me from my bad hair.It’s only hair, right? It’ll grow back. Besides, I’m a guy – we’re not even supposed to care about our hair. Still, I feel sick about the loss of my patiently grown curls. They represented months and months of care and waiting, enduring comments from friends, family, even my own girlfriend about my “wild” hair that they were unfamiliar with and couldn’t appreciate. I take full responsibility. I received plenty of warning signs indicating that Sarah and J. Scordato were not where I should entrust my curls. Their “curly hair expertise” wasn’t based on the same philosophy that I had prescribed to with Lorraine’s methods. When Sarah picked my hair up with a fine-toothed comb, when she cut my hair wet, when she had that terrified look on her face, I should have had the wherewithal to stand up, thank her for her time, and continue my search. But I didn’t. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I didn’t want to believe that she wasn’t the expert I was looking for. I went to the receptionist and paid my bill, leaving Sarah a three dollar tip, as I tried to ignore the sick feeling in my stomach.I’m sure this is a great salon for straight hair types. The girls are all friendly, they offered drinks, and the receptionist and I had a nice conversation while I waited for Sarah. Sarah was nice too.

Reviewed on 12.20.14

Stylist: Jacquie Scordato

After reading such good reviews I decided to give this place a shot since I was in need of a trim and went ahead and asked for a curly consultation to see if I could get some personalized advice. First the negatives: I was not really impressed with the products that they carry. While waiting for my appointment I started reading the labels of some of the products specifically for curly hair and they all had various types of silicone. Even the Paul Mitchell sulfate-free shampoo had silicone in it! Talk about missing the point. The consultation wasn't exactly what I was hoping for either, mostly just reinforcing some things that I'd already heard elsewhere. She was extremely nice and friendly, though, and put emphasis on a couple of things I had been neglecting like using deep conditioning treatments and how I dry my hair. The best part of my visit was the trim I got. I have very very thick hair and a lot of stylists recommend getting layers to cut down on the bulk, but it never fails to give a weird shape to my hair no matter who does it. Jacquie didn't even suggest layers, in fact she knew immediately to avoid it. Instead she did something I honestly had never seen a stylist do by pulling out random individual curls to thin my hair rather than just going in sections. The result is so much more natural looking! She finished off with the twist method to emphasize my curls, which I absolutely love but never have the patience to do myself and I got amazing second-day hair out of it too. Definitely worth the trip in my opinion.

Reviewed on 07.05.13

Stylist: Joseph

Joseph Miller is the best stylist I have ever had! He understands my strange course thick wavy straight hair and always makes me look amazing. I would also trust the other stylists in this salon they are all amazing but Joseph will always be my guy. Great decor, easy to find, chic yet homey. LOVE this place!

Reviewed on 07.26.12

Stylist: Jacquie Scordato

So my sister comes out and visits me once a year from Virginia and going to have Jacquie cut her hair has become part of the trip. She wrote a previous review (on my account) after her first visit to J. Scordato Salon. Jacquie is uncommonly knowledgeable when it comes to cutting curly hair and also very aware all curly hair is NOT the same! I took a daughters friend with me on this trip and Jacquie gave her a wonderful cut. I was next and we both left very pleased with Jacquie's expertise with curly hair. I am a 2 C, 3A and my friends daughter is a 3B and Jacquie approached our different curl patterns individually! I am very grateful to have found Jacquie after a long search for someone who actually does know how to treat my hair! Cindy McCracken

Reviewed on 07.19.12

Stylist: Jacquie Scordato

Jacquie is very professional and highly-skilled. She did a fantastic job with my thick, tightly-curled hair, which I had wanted cut into a very short pixie cut. I'm really pleased with the amount of attention to detail and her skill-level is top-notch. The whole atmosphere is very positive; the stylists interact with each other and engage the clients; it is evident that they are very passionate about their trade. I've already ready recommended this place to co-workers, which is the first time I've felt compelled to do so. Just a note that this salon is located at Ft Lowell and Alvernon and is a small, free-standing building. If you are driving North on Alvernon, just before the intersection turn right into the Circle K lot which will allow you easier passage into the parking area for the salon located in the back. This is easier then just making a left turn at the intersection and then trying to enter in from the Ft Lowell side.

Reviewed on 03.19.11

Stylist: Joseph

My curls are unusual - I obtained them after running a very high fever during a thyroid storm. The back is VERY curly, while the sides and top need more encouragement - they do get there, though. I only recently discovered the whole sulfate and simethicone/dimethicone issues with hair products - I rid myself of those chemicals and my curls were on their way back! But it was after my cut with Joseph that my hair started looking like it's old self again - all curly. :) Last Friday, I went to J Scordato Salon and met Joseph for the first time. He's a really nice person and KNOWS his way around curly hair. I walked out of there with really awesome looking curls as well as some good hints and ideas for styling! I have waited a few days, however, to post my review because I think one needs a couple of shampoo/styles on their own after a cut to get to know just how good a cut is. Joseph, are you ready? You've got a new tail, baby... LOL :) I know I won't be looking anywhere else for my cuts any more. THANK YOU, JOSEPH! If I could give you 10 curls, I would. My daughter is a curly girly too and she is looking forward to having Joseph cut her hair after her grows out a little.

Reviewed on 01.31.11

Stylist: Jacquie Scordato

I walked in a mess and walked out a cute hottie. Jaquie did a wonderful job. Now is when I decided to go natural and let my "curl power" shine through and Jaquie was my initiator into this world and I would have chosen no other. My only sadness is that I live on the other side of the U.S. and will not be able to return. However, not all hope is lost, I got my curly headed sister a gift certificate so she will be able to experience the magic that Jaquie can do.

Reviewed on 01.28.11

Stylist: Danielle

I'm not kidding when I say I have a nervous break down every time I think of going to a new stylist. I have very kinky curly hair that has been ruined by many stylists. Danielle was very understanding and took really good care of me. She encouraged me to try something different and I love it! I won't be going anywhere else!

Reviewed on 01.26.11

Stylist: Jacquie Scordato

I just went to Jacquie today for the first time. She saved me from the hideous layered doo I was sporting. Gave me a great cut and some styling tips. Double thumbs up for Jacquie. She knows curly/wavy hair!

Reviewed on 01.04.11

Stylist: Danielle

After having Danielle cut my hair I NEVER want anyone else to cut it again!! I have naturally wavy hair, and it's tough for me to style to my liking. Each time Danielle cut my hair I've noticed it's MUCH easier to style, and requires much less effort. That's always a sign of a great cut. Danielle listened to what I liked and disliked and was able to give me the exact cut I wanted without me having to show her a photo. She was so fantastic I even brought my 2 year old to see her. I was pretty apprehensive about taking my child to a salon for a haircut. She's pretty wiggly and definitely has her share of terrible two moments. I was thrilled to see how patient Danielle was with her. My child loves her, AND she got a great hair cut. My husband and I have taken our daughter back to Danielle several times. After seeing how fantastic she is, he refuses to let anyone else cut our daughter's hair. The price for a child's cut is extremely reasonable as well!! I highly recommend Danielle to anyone in search of a great stylist. She's friendly, professional and extremely talented.

Reviewed on 11.29.10

Stylist: Danielle

I am a Tucson native and have struggled with dry curly frizzy hair for my whole life... I've tried numerous products, stylists, treatments; you name it and I've tried it. I've tried a few stylists that were recommended on here but it never seemed to be a good fit. I decided to try Jacqueline Scordato, I called to make an appointment however she was busy so I tried Danielle. First this salon is no longer Designing Heads I walked into Jacqueline's salon which would explain how busy she is. I was greeted by a very friendly and outgoing staff, offered several drink options. They had snacks and fruit in the waiting room and fresh flowers all over the salon. The decor was cute and simple. I had a great shampoo with a wonderful massage (all the products smelled delicious) Danielle gave me a great cut and actually recommended products for me that were not only affordable they worked too! I have referred several co-workers and friends into the salon and the few that have made it in really loved it. This salon has great energy and was a lot of fun; I scheduled conditioning treatments just so I have an excuse to go back in

Reviewed on 11.05.10