Taboo Hair Salon

96 Karori Rd
Wellington, 97

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Stylist: Tina Fox

Dear monkeydo, I've only just come across your review (as below). I'm truly sorry to hear that you were unhappy with your cut. I'm at a bit of a loss, as I don't recall anyone indicating to me that they were unhappy with their haircut - around the time of your review. So I don't know the details and circumstances concerning your appointment. Nevertheless, can assure you that no effort would've been spared in rectifying this for you, if only I knew. My sincere apologies if communication between us was lacking, where by you didn't feel comfortable telling me this, either during or after your visit. However, the fluffiness you spoke of, does sound like an easy fix. I do hope that you will contact with us and allow me the opportunity to resolve this for you. As having an unhappy client is unexceptionable to me and your complete satisfaction is definitely important. Best regards Tina

Reviewed on 05.21.15

Stylist: Tina Fox

Really disappointed with the result from my visit to Taboo.  I did not feel listened to and my hair was cut without much consideration for it's curl pattern.  I was almost in tears when I left the salon - my hair looked like a fluffy microphone top.

Reviewed on 04.07.15

Stylist: Tina Fox

Tina is a curly hair expert! She is very careful to ensure you get what you want and does a great job

Reviewed on 11.09.10