Blis Day Spa and Salon

9848 Rae Road Suite F
Charlotte, NC 28277

User Reviews

Stylist: Nicole

Fabulous! I saw Nicole this weekend. I read her reviews on the ouidad website. I have been getting the diva cut. They cut my hair dry, then when I wash and style it at home it's uneven. So I tried something else. I was nervous, but it was worth it. Nicole spent a ton of time letting me tell her about my hair issues. She gave me a great cut and walked me through how to style it. My hair has never look so good. I will definitely be back!

Reviewed on 06.25.13

Stylist: Brenda

I strongly do NOT recommend anyone with curly hair going here. When you walk out of a salon and someone asks you “what happened to your hair”, you know it was especially bad. I’ve had naturally curly hair for all of my over 40 years , and those with naturally curly hair know, we know curly hair best. I travel a lot for my job, & have been able to get my hair cut by the Oiudad salon in NYC & other Ouidad certified stylists around the country, as well as by other “curl specialists” that use other curly hair techniques. Having went through the struggle to find quality professionals to trust with my curly hair, I feel it is my duty to others with curly hair to pass along my experience at Blis Salon & what I’ve learned through the years. The cut Brenda gave me was far cry from anything close to a Ouidad cut & had no modern style to it at all. Though it was nice have felt like I was taken back to the early ‘90s, maybe even ‘80s, hair styles have come a long way since then and there are a lot of knowledgeable and gifted curly hair stylists that can give you a cut that has the modern style of at least in the last 10 years. Brenda may have over 30 years of experience cutting hair, but her cut style matches that of when she started cutting hair. The cut she gave me was the worst haircut I’ve had in my 40 years. I am not saying that the Ouidad technique isn’t good, it is. I’m saying Brenda does not know what she is doing when it comes to cutting curly hair. I left there looking like a poodle with kinky curly flappy ears from the way she cut my bangs. This was the style, unfortunately, from the early ‘90s before people really starting to know how to cut curly hair. You can use that technique of framing the face for straight hair, but not for curly.

Reviewed on 10.19.12